Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preschool Preview

Bub went and checked out his preschool at their open house last weekend. He is so excited to go to school. It is funny to me that Lou-Lou is now in 2nd grade and it was only yesterday that we were at her preschool open house! How can he be old enough already?

He was thrilled to find a kitchen and made me "spaghetti' and "chocolate chip cookies." He loves to help me cook at home. I guess I need to get him a little chef apron! One day his wife will appreciate his culinary skills! And he will appreciate being able to cook food for himself other than ramen noodles. Not that there is anything wrong with ramen noodles...I've been known to slurp a few myself...but I digress.

He was also thrilled that they had "circle cookies" a.k.a. brownie cookies with M&Ms in them! This school thing isn't half bad! He even has a little neighbor boy in his class with him!

He had to check out the reading selection before we left. He thought the little mouse on the bike and crocodile cut outs were hilarious, too!

His first day is next week. It will be a whole new world for him and a whole new world for his teachers I'm afraid! Although, there are only 4 boys in his class and like 12 girls so I'm sure there will be plenty of "mommies" to keep him in line!

Saturday Morning

This is what a Saturday morning SHOULD look like!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chickens Have Funny Names & My BIL Hasn't Lost His Good Mind

My Sister and Brother-In-Law are living at my parents farm while they are living in South Carolina. This farm experience is a new one for all of us of my generation. We are realizing all the farm type things we don't know anything about and having a blast learning! One of the things we decided to do was get chickens. Egg laying chickens.

My BIL and sister did all the research and found a great hatchery called Cackle Hatchery. You can see them here if chickens interest you... Anyway, my BIL called me to ask which kind of chickens I preferred. I had to defer to the expert and tell him to choose. Eggs are eggs to me. He had my sister email me the link to Cackles and the kind of chickens we are getting for my information. She also emailed it my parents and the rest of our family.

This is where the situation took a funny turn. You see these little fuzzy babies in the photo? They caused quite a stir with Mom and Doc because they have a very peculiar name.
These are Black Sex Link chicks. Yes, you read right.
And they look like this when they grow up...
See, they really are just regular chickens...even attractive chickens with their black and white feathers. They just happen to have an "ahem" unusual name. I'm not sure who it was that looked at these little chickies and said "Hmm, I think a really great name for these birds would be "Black Sex Link Chickens." The Black part makes sense. They ARE black and white. The Link part, I'm sure I could come up with some rational reason that is part of the name. But the Sex part??? You got me there. Are they more randy than your typical chicken? I just don't know.

So Mom got the email with the name and sent back this response...

"I am happy about the chicks but think a name for chickens like "Black Sex Link" is something we probably shouldn't condone even if it is descriptive of the chickens. Sheesh. Yikes. Yuck. I mean, if someone you sell eggs to asks what kind of chickens you have do you really want to tell them they are eating Black Sex Link Eggs??? Really? If I had received this e-mail from someone other than Sis I would have suspected a pornography addiction!"
I thought this response was totally hilarious!

Then Doc came home from work and made me laugh even harder. You see, he had skimmed the emails from Sis and Mom. He was pretty disturbed because he thought "Black Sex Link" was what BIL decided to call the chickens. He was wondering if BIL had lost his mind! Especially considering these chickens would be roosting in my MOTHER'S chicken coop!

I was cracking up and told him that BIL is not insane and indeed that is the name of the BREED of chickens...not the nick name BIL gave them!

By the way, these are the other kinds of chickens we're getting...
Single Comb Rhode Island Reds

And Barred Rock Chickens.

I'm relieved they don't have such controversial names!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Desire of Our Heart

My Dad recently interviewed for a job that would have brought him and my Mom back from South Carolina to Kansas City. We had all prayed that God's will would be done and that he would find favor with those who were hiring the position. He certainly found favor. The interview could not have gone any better but God's will, it turns out, was for Dad's friend to get the job.

I have had Psalms 37:4 laid on my heart about this situation from the start. "Delight yourself in Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." My parents delight in Him. They love our Lord and keep his precepts. They fellowship with Him together and alone. They relish their place as His children. And their heart's desire is to be close to their family and farm here in Kansas.

I believe that God answers prayers and is true to His word. I know my parents are disappointed that they wouldn't be calling in the movers but something occurred to me last night. The verse did not say..."Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you "close to but not really" the desires of your heart." See, I think it would have been frustrating for them to be 3 hours away from the location of their home. Yes, they would have been closer and could have visited more but they would not have been HOME. We have all been praying that they would move HOME. So in essence, if Dad had been hired, God's promise would not have come to fruition. He doesn't do things half-way or sort of close. He does things all the way--for our good. So now we wait. And did I mention I'm impatient?! But I rest in the knowledge that God has a plan for our family's future and he WILL give them the desire of their heart. It is just a matter of when...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

That Which Does Not Kill You...

One of my younger sisters is turning into a nutritional and exercise rock star. She has dropped 30 pounds in 3 months. In a phone conversation, she mentioned to me that she started running. Needing some motivation in the exercise department myself, I asked her if she wanted to run the 2 mile run at our town's fall festival. Which brings me to my problem...

I am mortified at the very thought of running in front of anyone. It could be the slight complex I have about having big boobs. It could be the fact that I have to strap those babies in so tight that it defeats the purpose of exercising because I will pass out from lack of oxygen from multiple sports bras that constrict my lung capacity to about 50 percent. It could also be the fact that my face turns RED from my body's amazing lack of ability to sweat. I really don't want to go to the gym only to pass out because of lack of oxygen and have someone call 911 and make the paramedics come so they can cut the sports bra(s) off of the passed out woman with the tomato red face. It is not a pretty picture in my head. So, there, I've confessed to the world one of my worst fears.

That being said, I've got myself into this running mess and I've got to save face by training my way out of it. Good thing I have a treadmill in the basement. I've also discovered that I like to run after's so, you know, dark and it is hard to see what color my face is in the dark.

The other thing that motivates me is a challenge. As a SAHM, there aren't many opportunities to set a high goal and reach for it. Sure, you can challenge yourself to actually FINISH the laundry... but the day to day stuff doesn't really count to me. Every now and then I need something else to think about.

I ran in this race once before. It was after baby number 2 and I was in need of motivation at that time, too. I didn't ever run the actual race roads until race day which was a major mistake because I didn't realize that there is a HUGE hill at the last 1/2 mile of the race. We are talking a mountain of a hill. Whoever chose the route for this race liked torture or maybe "he" thought that 2 miles was too easy and we runners needed a challenge. Whatever the reason, I might hate him, whoever he is.

I have to admit, it feels good to finish and ultimately that is the only reason I would put myself out there and do something so crazy. Last time Doc was my cheerleader and this time I want to
be my sister's cheerleader. Besides that, see the picture of me and Doc, that was about an hour after the race and my tomato face was ALMOST back to normal already!

By the way, my Dad ran a marathon a couple of days before my 2nd baby was born. (How many grandpas can say that!) I guess I didn't inherit the running gene from him. Wish I could switch that gene out for the hairy arms gene that came from that side of the family! But what do you do?

I'll tell you what I plan to do...wax and run, baby, wax and run.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I came across these and thought they were cute with a cherry on top. Pretty darn smart, too! I think Lou-Lou needs some. Here is a link to their site with a slide show of a bunch of cool things you can do with them!

Important Cultural Experience

You know I'm a classy kind of gal. The kind of gal who enjoys the finer things in life like fine art, travel, wine and now I want to add one more thing to that list of the finer things...cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes mind you but specifically the cupcakes that come from Cupcake in Charleston, SC. They are divine little works of art both to the eye and to the taste buds! Check them out here

Here is the schedule of their flavor production. Click on it to make it bigger!

We got the s'mores cupcakes which were very yummy! And look like this...

We also got red velvet which look like this...

See what I mean...tiny little works of delectable art!

Red velvet won our taste test for most delicious. However, I think the judges may have been a little swayed by the divine cream cheese frosting that topped the little darling. YUM!

We also treated ourselves to some little souvenirs. They sell the CUTEST tee shirts there! Mom's says "Sweet," Lou-Lou's say "Miss Cupcakes," Ladybug's says "Baby Cakes" and mine is the "Peace, Love and Cupcakes" shirt. I love tee shirts!

However, Ladybug was a bit miffed that she doesn't have any teeth yet. She CLEARLY wanted to taste them.


Monday, August 18, 2008

For your viewing pleasure

The Civilized Thing to Do

I came into the kitchen this morning to find this...
He had poured Apple Jacks into an empty bowl on the floor and was eating it (without milk) with a fork.

And because I am a good mother, I made him do the only civilized thing...

And eat his dry cereal with a fork AT THE TABLE.
That is just the kind of mother I am.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lou, Lou musings...

This is my oldest tweedle, Lou-Lou. Isn't she the cutest, brightest, sweetest looking little chicken you've ever seen?! Her dad and I would like to keep her that way. So, we have made the choice to home school her and that is precisely the reason that today feels a little weird.

You see, today is the first day of public school and her old school happens to be across the street. I have to admit that sitting here, watching out the window as people drop their children off, is a little strange. I wasn't expecting it, but it almost feels like I'm doing something wrong by letting my tweedle snooze soundly in her bed on this cloudy morning.

I guess I didn't realize how ingrained certain traditions were deep inside my inner brain. I mean I got up and got dressed in my new clothes and had pictures snapped of me on the first day of school my entire childhood. Lou, Lou did too, for the last 4 years (including preschool) and I must admit it seems strange to have stepped out of that box of sameness. Kind of dangerous in a way. I didn't realize conformity has such strong arms.

Now, let me make something perfectly clear...I KNOW we are doing the right thing for her. You see that smile on Lou's face that radiates from inside and makes her all shiny? THAT is the smile of innocent, blissful happiness. It is a smile from a girl (at her favorite place on earth- Pop and Grammy's farm) who knows in her very soul that she is loved, that she is a precious creation of God and that all is right in her world. It is also a smile that showed up less and less last year as the school year went on. I celebrate the fact that by our decision she will not be forced into situations that she is not ready for. And that she will not have to have things floating around in her brain that are inappropriate for her to be pondering (and oh how that kid ponders.) And that she will be able to keep her innocence for a little bit longer than the average kid in public school.

I just know she will flourish in a home school setting. She is a curious little thing and super smart. I'm happy that we can foster these qualities instead of letting her peers (and the system as a whole) eventually shame it out of her in the name of conformity. Different, in her case, is a GOOD THING. She is different in all the right ways!

Lest you think that I am naive about the world and home schooling let me make this disclaimer...I know it won't be a cake walk and I don't want to protect her from everything. I understand that eventually she will go out into the world and be subjected to all its good and bad. I don't want to cripple her socially. In fact, the opposite is true. I want to be open with her. HELP her navigate things when the time is right. I want to teach her to be her own person and stand up for what she believes so that when she is exposed to those things, she will be able to rest on a solid foundation of truth. Most of all, I want her to stay confident in the most important part of who she is...A BELOVED CHILD OF OUR LORD, JESUS CHRIST.

The other day she asked me if she could still wear a dress the first day of homeschool. My emphatic answer was "YES, YOU CAN!" and don't you know I'm still going to take lots of pictures, too!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why "The Unconventional Doctor's Wife?"

So what makes me such an anomaly in the world of doctors' wives? I know that some of what I am about to say is stereotypical and generally I try not to box people in to a category. However, I'm not talking about what is true about us, I'm talking about what people THINK is true about us. So allow me to state what I think is the assumed profile of a doctors wife...

1. Trophyish(is that a word?) You know what I mean...a doctor could marry anyone...I mean he makes bank, right?
2. Materialistic. Doctors are busy and their wives need something to do while they make ALL that money, right? What could be a better "job" than shopping.
3. Stuck upish. She might think she's just a little bit better than the average woman because of her better than average catch of a man.
4. Lives a life of leisure. With her pampered life, she must have plenty of time to get pedicures, facials, lipo, botox....oh yes, and shop some more.
5. Generous in charitable donations but not necessarily her time. And if she gives her time, it is most likely symbolic, not real roll-up your sleeves type of volunteering.
6. Probably grew up in well-to-do situation. After all, those charm classes come in handy for schmoozing all those important people she and her husband come into contact with. And she must fit in with the country clubbers, right?

Now, lets look at me...
1. (Trophyish) let's face it, this one sort of fits me...JUST KIDDING. I mean, I guess I have my positives but most of them are not physical. Especially after having 4 children in 6 years. Pregnancy, breastfeeding and general parenting will whip the "the trophy" right out of anyone.
2. (Materialistic) While I like nice things, I would not say I'm materialistic. I love to shop but seldom buy. I am more interested in a day out at the mall just to get out of my house. However, Doc, is a "gifty" person. He loves giving me gifts but I think I have sucked the joy out of it because I would rather have his TIME than his gifts. When we first we're married, he expected me to be over the moon about gifts but honestly, I look at them and see a block of time that he worked that he could have been home instead of earning money to buy me something. Although, I'm not complaining mind you. I mean what kind of crazy woman doesn't like gifts from her hubby!
3. (Snobby) I "pride" myself in being unsnobby. I think that I have been blessed beyond what I deserve and my life isn't a result of me being a better person than the next gal. It is a direct result of God's blessing and my parents constant covering over me with prayer as I grew up. And I have to add here that good decisions didn't hurt my cause either. Besides that, I look at it as a complete waste of time to get all dolled up to pretend that I have it more together than my fellow Wal-Mart shoppers.
4. (Leisurely Life) Let's see, is there any mother of 4 on this earth that lives a life of leisure? (Unless, she has a "staff") However, I will not deny that lipo or maybe a breast lift may be part of my future but not because I'm bored or have time to kill. I just want my parts to be back where God put them to begin with. Besides that...for me to be leisurely, I have to find a babysitter and plan ahead and make sure there is a lengthy list of directions and emergency contact info and sometimes it is too much work for 2 hours of freedom.
5. (Volunteering vs. Contributions) While we do donate to charitable causes, I like to be involved. However, I discovered that when people know who I am, they have preconceived notions about what I bring to the table...namely they think I come with a big check and lots of contacts with big checkbooks. That is not necessarily the case. I think this is disappointing to some. The other thing they do is use me to legitimize their cause...for example, "This is Doctor's Wife and she has been involved with our organization for a while now." I found that I am not just myself in the world of volunteerism...I am a symbol. I am THE DOCTOR'S WIFE. I just can't stand that I am more valuable because of who I am married to than for the things I bring to the table for their organization.
6. (Rich Kid) My background, while happy, was not privileged. It was happy ignorance. I LIKED mac n' cheese. I didn't know that a box of it was 39 cents and that is why my mom made it. We didn't go on fancy vacations...we went to grandma's house. And the Country Club? Not hardly.

See, I'm just an average Jane that ended up marrying a guys who happened to find his calling in an exam room. No more, no less. I do, however, delight in the occasional overheard conversation in our small town Wal-Mart...

Person 1: Did you see that lady with all the kids.
Person 2: Yes.
Person 1: That's Doctor's wife.
Person 2: REALLY? She's not what I expected.

I take that as a compliment. It means I'm different and UNCONVENTIONAL.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Darn hoverers.

So, we recently went on vacation with our children on a VERY long car ride halfway across this beautiful country of ours. Now if you have children you probably know the fear that strikes your very heart when one of your little tweedles in the back seat yells those inevitable words, "MAAWWWM, I HAVE TO GO TO THE BATHROOM" and you are nowhere near a suitable facility. Although that happened SEVERAL times during our 80 hours of driving, one bathroom stop was particularly traumatic. Not traumatic for my kids...but for me.

During this particular bathroom stop I found myself in an upscale Hardee's restaurant (which I know may seem like a impossibility but it was in the "Biltmore Village" in North Carolina). Anyway, I let the kids go to the bathroom before me and as I was helping the boy wash his hands a buxom, southern lady skipped ahead of me in line and used the empty stall. After she was done, I went in the stall and closed the door behind me only to discover that she had peed all over the toilet seat. Now, put yourself in my situation...she is now brushing her teeth and bossing the tweedles around on the other side of the stall door. Do I say something? What would I even say? Is it worth embarrassing her? Would I be teaching my children to disrespect their elders by my actions? As I stood there, debating the positives and negatives of actually saying something, she finished brushing her teeth and left and the moment was gone. So, here is what I should have said...

"Excuse me ma'am. Are you aware that you peed all over the toilet seat as a result of your attempt to stand and pee? I can respect the fact that public restrooms are a scary place full of germs but by hovering you are perpetuating the problem. You see, if all hoverers would sit and pee like God intended then in there wouldn't be much pee on the seat to begin with. As a result, no one would need to hover to avoid pee on the seat. See how that works? And if you are scared of coming into contact with the toilet in general then perhaps you should consider the barrier method. I'm sure you can find some of those paper toilet seat covers online and carry them in your purse. Not good enough? Perhaps you've heard of Clorox wipes and lysol (I have seen them both in travel sizes.) Now, you may argue that I should just hover over your mess and it wouldn't be a problem. You are right. Not a problem for me but what about my tweedle who is three and not tall enough to hover yet? Or someone who does not have quad muscles as stellar as mine. Or handicapped people. Or someone who has to (God forbid) poop in the toilet. You, madam, are not the only one with concerns about the cleanliness of public restrooms and the rest of us have to deal with the repercussions of your hovering. If you want to pee without touching a toilet, perhaps you should find a large bush or a nice grove of trees.

P.S. If you continue to hover and pee on the seat, the least you could do is clean up after yourself so that I can pretend that I'm using a relatively clean toilet."

Now, if you are a hoverer, I'm sorry if I offended you. But I speak the truth in love. It's about time someone said something.

Starting my own blog?!!

So, after prompting from my hubby and inspiration from the CDW & PW, I decided that people might get some mild amusement from my random thoughts. So I am officially part of the Bloggity Blog world now.

Here is my story in a nutshell...
Once upon a time, there was a college student who met a med student and fell madly and unexpectedly in love. The med student graduated from Med School and the two got married and honeymooned in Mexico. Then, just days after they returned from their honeymoon, they promptly moved a thousand miles away from everything they knew (to Indiana) where the med student became a resident doctor and the college student settled into life as a wife. The resident and the wife added a baby girl to the mix the last year of residency. Then, the resident became a full fledged doctor and the three moved closer to home (where there were a two Grammys, a Papa and a Pop and lots of aunts, uncles and cousins for the little girl to enjoy.) They moved into a giant, old house which called out to the wife/mother's very soul for help and restoration and then sucked the life out of her and the doc for 5 years until it was finished. Also during that time, the doc and the wife/mother also added three more kids to their family which also sucked the life out of her but in a very different way. After finishing the house restoration and acquiring a permanent solution for birth control, the sucking has ceased in all areas and a new phase of life has begun for the "unconventional doctor's wife."