Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chickens Have Funny Names & My BIL Hasn't Lost His Good Mind

My Sister and Brother-In-Law are living at my parents farm while they are living in South Carolina. This farm experience is a new one for all of us of my generation. We are realizing all the farm type things we don't know anything about and having a blast learning! One of the things we decided to do was get chickens. Egg laying chickens.

My BIL and sister did all the research and found a great hatchery called Cackle Hatchery. You can see them here if chickens interest you... Anyway, my BIL called me to ask which kind of chickens I preferred. I had to defer to the expert and tell him to choose. Eggs are eggs to me. He had my sister email me the link to Cackles and the kind of chickens we are getting for my information. She also emailed it my parents and the rest of our family.

This is where the situation took a funny turn. You see these little fuzzy babies in the photo? They caused quite a stir with Mom and Doc because they have a very peculiar name.
These are Black Sex Link chicks. Yes, you read right.
And they look like this when they grow up...
See, they really are just regular chickens...even attractive chickens with their black and white feathers. They just happen to have an "ahem" unusual name. I'm not sure who it was that looked at these little chickies and said "Hmm, I think a really great name for these birds would be "Black Sex Link Chickens." The Black part makes sense. They ARE black and white. The Link part, I'm sure I could come up with some rational reason that is part of the name. But the Sex part??? You got me there. Are they more randy than your typical chicken? I just don't know.

So Mom got the email with the name and sent back this response...

"I am happy about the chicks but think a name for chickens like "Black Sex Link" is something we probably shouldn't condone even if it is descriptive of the chickens. Sheesh. Yikes. Yuck. I mean, if someone you sell eggs to asks what kind of chickens you have do you really want to tell them they are eating Black Sex Link Eggs??? Really? If I had received this e-mail from someone other than Sis I would have suspected a pornography addiction!"
I thought this response was totally hilarious!

Then Doc came home from work and made me laugh even harder. You see, he had skimmed the emails from Sis and Mom. He was pretty disturbed because he thought "Black Sex Link" was what BIL decided to call the chickens. He was wondering if BIL had lost his mind! Especially considering these chickens would be roosting in my MOTHER'S chicken coop!

I was cracking up and told him that BIL is not insane and indeed that is the name of the BREED of chickens...not the nick name BIL gave them!

By the way, these are the other kinds of chickens we're getting...
Single Comb Rhode Island Reds

And Barred Rock Chickens.

I'm relieved they don't have such controversial names!


Grammy said...

I'm just howling at this post! We chicken novices are probably missing a perfectly logical explanation to this whole chicken naming fiasco. In the meantime, it should be known that I will only eat non-black-sex-link eggs. A girl has to have her boundaries you know.

Unknown said...

they are named that because Sex-Link are a cross bred chicken. There are red and black sex links. They are cross-bred so that you can tell the sex of the chicken by what color they are when they are only a day old. For example, day old red sex-link hens are red, and the roosters are white. No one looked at them and decided to just name them that... sex links are not a pure breed of rooster.