Thursday, August 21, 2008

Important Cultural Experience

You know I'm a classy kind of gal. The kind of gal who enjoys the finer things in life like fine art, travel, wine and now I want to add one more thing to that list of the finer things...cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes mind you but specifically the cupcakes that come from Cupcake in Charleston, SC. They are divine little works of art both to the eye and to the taste buds! Check them out here

Here is the schedule of their flavor production. Click on it to make it bigger!

We got the s'mores cupcakes which were very yummy! And look like this...

We also got red velvet which look like this...

See what I mean...tiny little works of delectable art!

Red velvet won our taste test for most delicious. However, I think the judges may have been a little swayed by the divine cream cheese frosting that topped the little darling. YUM!

We also treated ourselves to some little souvenirs. They sell the CUTEST tee shirts there! Mom's says "Sweet," Lou-Lou's say "Miss Cupcakes," Ladybug's says "Baby Cakes" and mine is the "Peace, Love and Cupcakes" shirt. I love tee shirts!

However, Ladybug was a bit miffed that she doesn't have any teeth yet. She CLEARLY wanted to taste them.


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Jenni said...

That's your *mom*? She's so cute!

I've been checking out some of your posts this morning. Your blog name caught my eye over at The Country Doctor's Wife. I think I'll have to add you to my list of Kansas bloggers. It looks like you probably live just about 45 minutes south of us.