Saturday, August 30, 2008

Preschool Preview

Bub went and checked out his preschool at their open house last weekend. He is so excited to go to school. It is funny to me that Lou-Lou is now in 2nd grade and it was only yesterday that we were at her preschool open house! How can he be old enough already?

He was thrilled to find a kitchen and made me "spaghetti' and "chocolate chip cookies." He loves to help me cook at home. I guess I need to get him a little chef apron! One day his wife will appreciate his culinary skills! And he will appreciate being able to cook food for himself other than ramen noodles. Not that there is anything wrong with ramen noodles...I've been known to slurp a few myself...but I digress.

He was also thrilled that they had "circle cookies" a.k.a. brownie cookies with M&Ms in them! This school thing isn't half bad! He even has a little neighbor boy in his class with him!

He had to check out the reading selection before we left. He thought the little mouse on the bike and crocodile cut outs were hilarious, too!

His first day is next week. It will be a whole new world for him and a whole new world for his teachers I'm afraid! Although, there are only 4 boys in his class and like 12 girls so I'm sure there will be plenty of "mommies" to keep him in line!

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