Sunday, September 28, 2008

Like I have time to be sitting around doing this...

but it is so stinking funny, I can't help myself. I made these at

This is what I would have looked like in 1952...

This one is 1958. I look very similar to how my grandma looked in her wedding photos. Only she had better taste in collars.

Fast forward to 1976...could this be my mother...nope, it's me again! But I think we might have been best friends with our stylish fashion senses.

Unfortunately, this looks very similar to the senior picture that is hanging in the high school where I graduated. I detested that picture. This one is bringing back bad memories and making me want to console myself with dark chocolate and that would mean I would have to run more tonight so we will move on.

This one also resembles one of my former looks. Add some out of control Brooke Shields eyebrows and you might think I was back in high school. Why didn't anyone tell me about eyebrow waxing then? WHY? WWHHYYY?

Oh my...this was obviously in the days before straightening irons. Just look at those roots. Girlfriend needed a big round brush and a good blow out technique.

I would have been cute in the sixties.

This one involved a lot of back combing. Trust me. Underneath all that smoothness is one big rats nest of hair to get that body.

I think that I remember some of my mom's friends looking about like this in the 80's. Not so good, ladies, not so good. It makes me remember my mom's favorite shirt that had a giant leopard or some sort of big cat face that was on the front and spread up the shoulders and onto the puffy sleeves. Remember that one Mom? Oh the fashion memories. But I'm not judging. Oh no I'm not. (But I'm not wearing big cat prints either!) Just for the mom was (and still is) one focthy lady. Here's to you mom!

WOW. If only I had been born 10 years earlier.

Fortunately, I missed out on this style, too. Not a good look for me!

However, I totally could have dug this look, you cool cats. What, what's that you are saying...I look foxy? I couldn't agree more. Just so you know...I would have even let you touch it. Just so you could experience the beauty of the "fro".
So my question to you is...which look do you like? I might have to head to the salon for a makeover. Or maybe not.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Chicken Day

Last Friday the kids and I went to my sister's house to meet the new chickies that we ordered from Cackle Hatchery. My sister threw a Happy Chicken Day party for the kids (complete with left over party favors from a New Years Eve party!) They thought it was the BEST day ever!!! Well, all of them thought that with the exception of Ladybug who was not all that excited about wearing a party hat but did it to amuse her mother and aunt. She's such a tolerant baby.

After the short party (and lesson on how to use a noise maker) we headed out to the chicken coop to check out these sixteen little chickiepoos we got. The kids were so excited!

The chicks were just 2 days old. They had hatched on Wednesday and were shipped that night to the farm through the US postal service. They arrived in this box. Which barely seemed big enough for the sixteen little chickens to fit into, but apparently they like to huddle together in there in order to stay warm.

Here are all the kids outside the chicken coop being annoyed that their mother/aunt was trying to take pictures of them and making them wait longer to see the little chicks!

My sister couldn't get the chicken coop opened fast enough! The kids were so curious that they could hardly wait.

We had talked about the chickens for weeks and even checked out books from the library about them. This was our favorite book... Where Do Chicks Come From? Written by Amy Slansky and Illustrated by Pam Paparone
This book answered all of the questions we had about chicks and had beautiful drawings, too! (As you can see!)

The kids crowded around to see the little chicks in the baby pool. They were so cute and spastic running around (the chickens, not the kids). The kids were suprisingly calm and very intrigued.

The chicks were so new that Lou, Lou observed that some of them still had their "egg teeth." See that white bump on the tip of its beak? that is what they use to chip a hole and then crack their egg to hatch. Then after a little while the tooth falls off. It was cool for them to see that even in animals, God provides his creations with the things they need to survive!

We were thinking we should name them but they were too fast and crazy to keep track of them, so the naming will have to wait!

Lou, Lou held the chicks and showed her cousin. I don't think he was interested in such an "upclose and personal" view!

The boys thought they were really cool, too! The Southern Gentleman was so intrigued he was drooling on his shirt! I was intrigued, too, how could you avoid it when they are so stinking cute?! I think this one will be mine. I will name her chickeepoo and she can live in my sock drawer. It is nice and cozy in there!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Doc

Dear Doc,
On your birthday, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell the world some of the wonderful things about you.
Your Ever Adoring Wifey

Listen up are just a few of the great things about my husband.

1. He's a hard worker. His work ethic is far beyond the typical man. He works hard at the clinic often squeezing sick patients in to his full schedule, taking up his lunch or after hours time. He works hard at home, too. He is not afraid to get a little dirty. (Get your mind out of the gutters, ladies.) He is often mistaken for someone we hired to work on the house because he is in his grubbies and baseball cap. I think he enjoys the mistaken identity and the freedom it brings! He has transformed our old house with his own two hands (along with the hands of our family members we can coerce into helping!) He is fulfilled by accomplishment.

Here is an example...the progression of our backyard. Guess who is responsible for all this glorious change. We didn't hire a landscaping company. My hubby did it (with some help!)Here are pictures of the progression. (The ginormous trench he dug was for the new electrical service to the house.)

2.He is handy with tools and not afraid of the danger that come along with them. And he really knows when he needs stitches.

3. He gets better with age. He worries about his grey hair but I'm a fan of it. It indicates wisdom and experience and reminds me of the years that I have been blessed to have with him while his hair has turned from brown to grey. I wouldn't trade him in for the younger model of himself if they paid me. Those years have brought growth, confidence and a deeper faith in God.

4.He loves me and thinks I'm sexy even when I look like this... (or at least that is what he tells me!!) Maybe I should add to this number that he usually knows what I need to hear.

5. He delivered all of our children with his own bare hands. OK, so they were his own gloved hands but you know what I mean. Who better to bring our children into this world than their father? And I think he has forgiven me for telling him to shut up after he told me to BREATHE while I was in transition with baby #3.

6. After he brings them into this world, he is a wonderful father to them. I always tell him that he is the sexiest when he is cuddling or playing with our kids. It makes my heart melt into a big puddle of lusty mush. Sorry if that is TMI but it is the truth and I can't deny it!

7. He does the stuff I don't want to do, like taking them to the dentist and holding them down for shots. (Thank the Lord we don't have any pictures of those.)

8. He is AWESOME in the kitchen. He even baked me a carrot cake for my birthday last year from scratch. Ladies, I know you are jealous. I'm sorry. (But not really.) He sealed the deal while we were dating by making me lemon pepper chicken, wild rice, broccoli and a dessert of slice fruit drizzled with chocolate. (Pardon me while I swoon at the memory.)

9. He is my BEST FRIEND. He makes me laugh like nobody's business. He perks me up when I'm down. He reads my mind and knows my heart and I'm a truly blessed woman to have him as a partner.

10. He has great taste in women and hats. He bought this cute one for me for my birthday! And speaking of birthdays...HONEY, I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL ONE!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Southern Gentleman Tries to Learn a New Skill

We had Chicken Day on Friday at the farm. In celebration of the arrival of our new little chickies, my sister pulled out all the stops and the party hats and noisemakers from New Year's Eve 2005! (I'm sure she knew those things would come in handy one day!)

Our 3rd kiddo, The Southern Gentleman, was a bit confused about how to use this newfangled contraption. He gave the noisemaker the once over.

And then he decided that it must work like this...

So Mommy stepped in for a little noisemaker lesson. "You put THIS end in your mouth, Son."

Well, maybe that is how the average Joe does it, but he is, after all, the son of two unconventional parents and he has his own way of doing things. I have to admit it was much more entertaining and as a bonus, MUCH quieter.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Babies Over A Burger.

It was a Monday evening. Doc and I were enjoying a peaceful, Norman Rockwellish I mean, crazy, chaotic type of meal with our three children (ages 5, 2, and 8 month old). Doc looked across the table at me and said, "I'm SOOO glad we are done having kids." I, grateful that we were agreeing, nodded emphatically and said, "Oh Honey, me too"! Not that we don't love kids and all but we just had a peace that our family was complete. We were looking forward to the next phase of our family's existence...we had visions of Disneyland and camping trips dancing in our heads.

I personally was very happy to be done putting my body and mind through the stress and strain of carrying, birthing and nourishing children. I finally had a waist again. I was buying clothes in a size that made me remember that I love shopping. I was in my happy place!

Doc was salivating at the thought of buying a boat and taking us all out fishing. He was relishing the full night's sleep we were enjoying now that our 8 month old was sleeping through the night. And maybe most of all, he was enjoying having a content wife. As the saying goes, "Happy wife, happy life".

Fast forward to Thursday of the same week. I got up and was getting ready for the day. A conversation with Doc came to mind that went something like this...

Doc: Have you started yet? (He had probably noticed my lack of PMS symptoms that month and wondered when to expect the day of hormonal craziness.)
Me: No, but remember, I'm on that medication that makes things all screwy in that department. I'm not worried. I have taken my pills religiously, same time, every night. I'm not pregnant.
Doc: Are you sure. Maybe you should take a test.
Me: No, I'm telling you, it is the medicine. Trust me...if I thought I might be pregnant I would have taken a test by now. Quit worrying.

(This conversation is a perfect example of his "realism" which I call pessimism and my optimism which he calls "denial.")

So, as I recalled this conversation, I decided to take a pregnancy test that I had left over from baby #3 just to ease his worried mind. I was so sure that it was negative that I peed on the stick, put the cap on and tossed it on the counter without even looking at it. I then went back to getting ready. I was blow drying my hair and happened to catch the test out of the corner of my eye and I thought something looked funny. I looked a little closer and discovered that there was an extra line. I thought, "Well that's funny. That's not suppose to be there. Dumb test."

Then, as I was still blow drying my hair, it hit me. There were two lines, not one...which means that I was probably pregnant. What??!! My mind refused to believe it. "No. Nope. Not true. Huh uh. No. No way. No how." I just kept blow drying my hair until it was very, very dry so that I didn't have to make a decision on what to do next.

Finally, I shut off the blow dryer, put it down and picked up the test for a closer examination. Yep, indeed it was two lines. I immediately started rifling through the medicine cabinet for another extra test. Surely I had one somewhere. After I tore the bathroom apart and didn't find another, I determined that I needed to get to the nearest drugstore and get another test. I loaded the kids up, drove to the store and bought the economy pack of tests so that I could do at least 2 more in case the next one was negative and I needed a tie breaker to prove to myself that I really was or wasn't pregnant. I could feel the panic starting to rise as I drove home chugging enough water to be able to pee as much as possible once I got there.

I left the kids (safely strapped in their seats) in the car and ran in the house to the powder room. I ripped the package open and went about doing another test. This time I watched. I watched as the "moisture level" rose into the window producing two nice, bright pink lines. So now I had to face reality. I was pregnant and life as I knew it was over.

What to do next? I did what every woman in my position would do... I went to my best friend Birdie's house. I walked in the door and got the kids off playing with her kids. I said, "Do you know what I found today?" She said, "Uh oh, what did Bub get into?" ( Normally this would have been the most appropriate question. I love that she knows us so well!) I said, "No, it wasn't him. I saw two lines on a pregnancy test!" She immediately knew all the swirly mixed up thoughts going through my mind without a word from me. She hugged me as I bawled like a baby. (Mostly sobbing, " Doc is going to FREAK out!") Birdie managed to help me get myself under control and helped me talk through it all so that I could wrap my mind around the reality of the situation. She spoke the truth to me about how this was all in God's plan for us for our good. She assured me that having been through a similar situation, the blessings of another little one would far outweigh the hardships. Then she suggested we take the kids to McDonald for lunch to drown my sorrows with a Big Mac salad.
Shortly after we started eating, Doc called to see what we were up doing. There was no lunch at the office that day and he was going to have to get something to eat. I told him that we were just down the road at McDonald's and he decided to join us. I told Birdie and her hubby, The Internet Safety Guru, that Doc was on his way. Birdie, hurried along her family's lunch and high-tailed it out of there. I don't think she wanted to be present for the melt down that was potentially just around the corner. Smart girl.

Doc walked in and ordered and ate while I tried to focus on the chit chat of the day and keep the kids under control. By this time, Mickey Dee's was filled to the brim with families and retirees. He finished his lunch and we were heading out the door when a couple of his patients hollered across the restaurant to him. She wanted to discuss the fact that she thought she might be pregnant. I won't go into that part. Although, it is worth the read and you can find it in his side of this story at

He helped me load the kids into the car and I turned to tell him "Goodbye." I REALLY didn't intend to tell him a thing until that night. I REALLY didn't want to tell him I was pregnant in the McDonald's parking lot. However, he sees though me like a window. So the conversation that I didn't want to have began...

Doc: What's wrong?
Me: Nothing. I'm fine.
Doc: Really...what's wrong? I can tell you're upset.
Me: I REALLY don't want to talk about it. I'll talk to you tonight. (Now this statement only served to pique his curiosity.
Doc: Tell me now. It will bother me to go back to work knowing something is wrong. (By this time he was hugging me and was looking straight in my eyes in an effort to decipher just how bad things were.)
Me: I'm pregnant.
Doc: Are you sure?
Me: Yes, I took two tests.
Doc: Did you tell your boyfriend?
Me: You are not helping the situation.
Doc: Sorry. I was just trying to make you laugh.
Me: Stop it.
Doc: How did THIS happen? I mean we only "watched movies" once or twice this month because our schedule was so busy.
Me: I don't know. I guess it was just meant to be. I didn't even miss any pills this month.
Doc: I guess they mean it when they say the pills are only 99.99 percent effective. Who knew we'd be the .01 percent.
Doc: Listen, it will be fine. We will deal with it. Things happen for a reason and God is in control.
Me: (Sobbing) I know but I will tell you one thing...I don't care if you have to go to TIMBUKTU, you are going to get a vasectomy.
Doc: OK!
Me: (Sobbing some more)OK.
Doc: Take the kids home and you all lay down for a nap.
Me : (Still sobbing) OK.
Doc: We will talk some more when I get home.

So I got into my car and went home for a two hour "nap" of tossing and turning, praying and crying and crying some more.

Fast forward to the present...we now have 4 kids. Our life is CRAZY and there are days that I want to pull my hair out, take my husband and run for the hills. But, our lives did not end. We are still married and still MADLY IN LOVE (right, Doc?!) and I am slowly getting my figure back (right, Doc?! You'd better be agreeing!). It just wasn't OUR PLAN. Fortunately, God knows what we need more than we do. And our Little Ladybug is one of the most precious, happy, joyful parts of our existence.

So the moral of the story is this...

Don't hold on to your plans too tightly. You might be thrown a curve ball that threatens to take you out of the game but it may be a blessing in disguise. A cute little blessing with the sweetest dimples ever.

Oh, and don't ask your wife if she's told her boyfriend that she is pregnant yet. EVER. Especially in a McDonald's parking lot. (Unless she really has a boyfriend.)