Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Doc

Dear Doc,
On your birthday, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell the world some of the wonderful things about you.
Your Ever Adoring Wifey

Listen up are just a few of the great things about my husband.

1. He's a hard worker. His work ethic is far beyond the typical man. He works hard at the clinic often squeezing sick patients in to his full schedule, taking up his lunch or after hours time. He works hard at home, too. He is not afraid to get a little dirty. (Get your mind out of the gutters, ladies.) He is often mistaken for someone we hired to work on the house because he is in his grubbies and baseball cap. I think he enjoys the mistaken identity and the freedom it brings! He has transformed our old house with his own two hands (along with the hands of our family members we can coerce into helping!) He is fulfilled by accomplishment.

Here is an example...the progression of our backyard. Guess who is responsible for all this glorious change. We didn't hire a landscaping company. My hubby did it (with some help!)Here are pictures of the progression. (The ginormous trench he dug was for the new electrical service to the house.)

2.He is handy with tools and not afraid of the danger that come along with them. And he really knows when he needs stitches.

3. He gets better with age. He worries about his grey hair but I'm a fan of it. It indicates wisdom and experience and reminds me of the years that I have been blessed to have with him while his hair has turned from brown to grey. I wouldn't trade him in for the younger model of himself if they paid me. Those years have brought growth, confidence and a deeper faith in God.

4.He loves me and thinks I'm sexy even when I look like this... (or at least that is what he tells me!!) Maybe I should add to this number that he usually knows what I need to hear.

5. He delivered all of our children with his own bare hands. OK, so they were his own gloved hands but you know what I mean. Who better to bring our children into this world than their father? And I think he has forgiven me for telling him to shut up after he told me to BREATHE while I was in transition with baby #3.

6. After he brings them into this world, he is a wonderful father to them. I always tell him that he is the sexiest when he is cuddling or playing with our kids. It makes my heart melt into a big puddle of lusty mush. Sorry if that is TMI but it is the truth and I can't deny it!

7. He does the stuff I don't want to do, like taking them to the dentist and holding them down for shots. (Thank the Lord we don't have any pictures of those.)

8. He is AWESOME in the kitchen. He even baked me a carrot cake for my birthday last year from scratch. Ladies, I know you are jealous. I'm sorry. (But not really.) He sealed the deal while we were dating by making me lemon pepper chicken, wild rice, broccoli and a dessert of slice fruit drizzled with chocolate. (Pardon me while I swoon at the memory.)

9. He is my BEST FRIEND. He makes me laugh like nobody's business. He perks me up when I'm down. He reads my mind and knows my heart and I'm a truly blessed woman to have him as a partner.

10. He has great taste in women and hats. He bought this cute one for me for my birthday! And speaking of birthdays...HONEY, I HOPE YOU HAD A WONDERFUL ONE!


Unconventional Doctor said...

Your so gracious and wonderful. Thank you for honoring me and appreciating me in this way. I love you dearly, more than the day we were married. I cherish you. You are my one and only.

Grammy said...

Your mushiness about Doc and him about you bless me in a big way. You and Doc and both awesome and I'm glad I know you. :-)