Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Chicken Day

Last Friday the kids and I went to my sister's house to meet the new chickies that we ordered from Cackle Hatchery. My sister threw a Happy Chicken Day party for the kids (complete with left over party favors from a New Years Eve party!) They thought it was the BEST day ever!!! Well, all of them thought that with the exception of Ladybug who was not all that excited about wearing a party hat but did it to amuse her mother and aunt. She's such a tolerant baby.

After the short party (and lesson on how to use a noise maker) we headed out to the chicken coop to check out these sixteen little chickiepoos we got. The kids were so excited!

The chicks were just 2 days old. They had hatched on Wednesday and were shipped that night to the farm through the US postal service. They arrived in this box. Which barely seemed big enough for the sixteen little chickens to fit into, but apparently they like to huddle together in there in order to stay warm.

Here are all the kids outside the chicken coop being annoyed that their mother/aunt was trying to take pictures of them and making them wait longer to see the little chicks!

My sister couldn't get the chicken coop opened fast enough! The kids were so curious that they could hardly wait.

We had talked about the chickens for weeks and even checked out books from the library about them. This was our favorite book... Where Do Chicks Come From? Written by Amy Slansky and Illustrated by Pam Paparone
This book answered all of the questions we had about chicks and had beautiful drawings, too! (As you can see!)

The kids crowded around to see the little chicks in the baby pool. They were so cute and spastic running around (the chickens, not the kids). The kids were suprisingly calm and very intrigued.

The chicks were so new that Lou, Lou observed that some of them still had their "egg teeth." See that white bump on the tip of its beak? that is what they use to chip a hole and then crack their egg to hatch. Then after a little while the tooth falls off. It was cool for them to see that even in animals, God provides his creations with the things they need to survive!

We were thinking we should name them but they were too fast and crazy to keep track of them, so the naming will have to wait!

Lou, Lou held the chicks and showed her cousin. I don't think he was interested in such an "upclose and personal" view!

The boys thought they were really cool, too! The Southern Gentleman was so intrigued he was drooling on his shirt! I was intrigued, too, how could you avoid it when they are so stinking cute?! I think this one will be mine. I will name her chickeepoo and she can live in my sock drawer. It is nice and cozy in there!

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Grammy said...

I love the chickees and the kiddos...and the moms and aunts...and the farm...and...sniff...wish I could have been there for the "hen party!