Sunday, September 28, 2008

Like I have time to be sitting around doing this...

but it is so stinking funny, I can't help myself. I made these at

This is what I would have looked like in 1952...

This one is 1958. I look very similar to how my grandma looked in her wedding photos. Only she had better taste in collars.

Fast forward to 1976...could this be my mother...nope, it's me again! But I think we might have been best friends with our stylish fashion senses.

Unfortunately, this looks very similar to the senior picture that is hanging in the high school where I graduated. I detested that picture. This one is bringing back bad memories and making me want to console myself with dark chocolate and that would mean I would have to run more tonight so we will move on.

This one also resembles one of my former looks. Add some out of control Brooke Shields eyebrows and you might think I was back in high school. Why didn't anyone tell me about eyebrow waxing then? WHY? WWHHYYY?

Oh my...this was obviously in the days before straightening irons. Just look at those roots. Girlfriend needed a big round brush and a good blow out technique.

I would have been cute in the sixties.

This one involved a lot of back combing. Trust me. Underneath all that smoothness is one big rats nest of hair to get that body.

I think that I remember some of my mom's friends looking about like this in the 80's. Not so good, ladies, not so good. It makes me remember my mom's favorite shirt that had a giant leopard or some sort of big cat face that was on the front and spread up the shoulders and onto the puffy sleeves. Remember that one Mom? Oh the fashion memories. But I'm not judging. Oh no I'm not. (But I'm not wearing big cat prints either!) Just for the mom was (and still is) one focthy lady. Here's to you mom!

WOW. If only I had been born 10 years earlier.

Fortunately, I missed out on this style, too. Not a good look for me!

However, I totally could have dug this look, you cool cats. What, what's that you are saying...I look foxy? I couldn't agree more. Just so you know...I would have even let you touch it. Just so you could experience the beauty of the "fro".
So my question to you is...which look do you like? I might have to head to the salon for a makeover. Or maybe not.

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Grammy said...

Hey! (indignant snort) There were way too many references that could be taken in a derogatory manner for someone who has lived through must of those hairstyles! Ha!!