Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Southern Gentleman Tries to Learn a New Skill

We had Chicken Day on Friday at the farm. In celebration of the arrival of our new little chickies, my sister pulled out all the stops and the party hats and noisemakers from New Year's Eve 2005! (I'm sure she knew those things would come in handy one day!)

Our 3rd kiddo, The Southern Gentleman, was a bit confused about how to use this newfangled contraption. He gave the noisemaker the once over.

And then he decided that it must work like this...

So Mommy stepped in for a little noisemaker lesson. "You put THIS end in your mouth, Son."

Well, maybe that is how the average Joe does it, but he is, after all, the son of two unconventional parents and he has his own way of doing things. I have to admit it was much more entertaining and as a bonus, MUCH quieter.

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