Friday, October 24, 2008

Fondly Daydreaming About Vegas

Now that we are back home and in the groove of our normal life, I'm thinking about what a wonderful vacation/educational trip we were fortunate enough to experience. We stayed at the Venetian in Las Vegas. It has a full on recreated city inside, complete with "canals" and (sorry, Venetian) cheesy gondola rides.

The surroundings are spectacular. And they pretty much spared no expense building this hotel.

In the mornings I would wake up and open the curtains so I could sit at the desk, drink coffee and check in with cyberworld.

I had the freedom to do whatever I wanted to do. I could go jogging...

Or go in the luxurious bathroom...

And soak in luxurious bath...

or take a luxurious bath, read and drink coffee. And enjoy the fact that I had no little ones barging in to tattle on the other ones. Ahh, sweet peace.

The hotel was pretty smart. Take a look here at what I found in the bathroom. That brochure underneath the MAGNIFYING mirror is the guide to Canyon Ranch Spa. I guess when you see your skin close up, they figure you will run to the phone and make an appointment for a facial right away! Great marketing strategy!

We also experienced some weird food. This is Doc's pizza which cracked me up because the top looked like a hamburger bun complete with sesame seeds.

I also ventured over to Fashion Show Mall where I shopped (and bought lingerie because I could walk into a lingerie store without the risk of scaring my children's precious little psyches) and got a FABULOUS haircut!

Back at the hotel we stayed in a Concierge suite. These were some of the team of concierges that took care of us! They cracked me up!!!

They were a great couple of guys! And very helpful when it came to making dinner reservations.

Although, I had to veto the Hawaiian Tropics Restaurant suggestion. Sorry, dudes! And yes, I'm sure they do have great food and yes, I'm sure that is why men like to go there.

Even the elevator was fancy!

They had lots of stores in our hotel, as well. Doc got caught in a staring contest with this mannequin. She won.

He also got to bet on his precious KU Jayhawks football team.

They beat the 20 point spread and he won some money!!! (That was pretty much the extent of our betting. We didn't even drop a quarter in the slot machines.)

We ate at Dos Caminos. It was a yummy Mexican restaurant famous for its guacamole. Which is one of my favorite foods on the face of the earth.

This is my version of heaven on a table top.

And at the end of our meal, our waitress (Kristin, who was FABULOUS) made sure we got a Pumpkin Dessert Drink. YUMMMMOOOOO.

We also got to hang by the pool. Ahh, warm sunshine.

It's was so nice to listen to some tunes and feel the sunshine on my face!!!

I talked Doc into reading "The Shack" which he fell in love with just as much as I did. BTW, the lady behind him on the left side is also reading it! She loved it, too. READ IT PEOPLE. READ IT.

Also, just a note. Doc does indeed have a swim suit on. It was not a nude pool. Even though, I would have enjoyed the view, I don't think you will ever in all his days see that man anywhere that requires one to sit around without any clothes. Just so you know. Isn't he handsome. I'm a blessed woman!

Any time we go to Vegas, we always go to the Bellagio and watch the fountains. If you've never done it, I highly recommend it. It is better than most of the shows and totally free.

The same hotel also has a conservatory inside that changes seasonally. It was so beautiful. It had an archway made of pumpkins and other natural fallish things. It also had a tree and Venus flytraps that had motors that made them do different things and a few sculptural trees that were fountains.

We just had a blast spending time together. For those of you who have read my blog before, you know that I'm on a silly quest to achieve a "come hither" look without looking stupid. Turns out I just needed one thing....

to be looking at this man while I do it. I guess he brings out the inner seductress in me! LOL

We had to say goodbye to our little home away from home early in Monday morning.

We got to ride in a limo back to the airport. What fun. Neither of us had been in one before!

We had so much fun but we were glad to see our funny little monkeys when we got home!

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Sondre Lyn said...

I love all the pix. It looks like you had a wonderful time! I am always trying to talk my mom into going on a short vacation there. She was in the Navy (retired almost a year ago) and, with all the moving we do, I thought it would be fun. And man, I have to say, guac and margaritas! Seriously, sign. me. up.

The thing about the magnifying mirror and the spa brocure cracked me up. After a look in one of those things, I am definitely ready for the spa! Of course, just seeing a spa brochure makes me ready for the spa! (Aaaahh... the sweet warmth of a stone massage.)

Thanks for your comments about the bedroom redo. I liked the distressed green dresser so much, I think I am going to redo a small bookcase in my office. I used to do a lot of "curb shopping" in my youth, but it's not something my husband approves of, so I haven't done a piece of furniture in years. (Like 20 years, go figure!)

Anyway, great blog!