Monday, October 6, 2008

Girl's Day Out with Birdie

Sometimes we girls need a day out to get away from the kids and house, blow off some steam and do something fun. Friday, Birdie (the coolest BFF ever) and I drove to Wichita for some serious girl time!! (A.K.A. shopping and eating and shopping and eating some more) *Special thanks and love shout out to Doc who is an amazing Dad/Husband and took the day off to keep the kids so I could go have some fun!!!

We went to the Jr. League Holiday Galleria fundraiser to get the party started. It was a shopping bonaza filled with Christmas, pretties, clothes and lots of other women having fun!

We tried on hats, fawned over handbags and coats...

and wished our budgets included a special column for expensive blue and brown tiger striped coats.

We shopped until Birdie got hungry and when Birdie gets hungry, by golly, we'd better get some carbs in her quick before the grumpiness sets in. That girl gets a blood sugar drop so fast it will make her head spin.

(I happen to live with someone else like that *cough*doc*cough*)

So we headed to the concession stand...

the concession stand where a large soda happened to cost $4.oo. So I did the reasonable thing...

and ordered a MEDIUM Diet Dr. Pepper for only $3.75. Deal of the century.

Come to Mama...all that shopping makes a girl thirsty.

And Birdie got her snack. How that woman eats carbs and stays skinny, I will never understand.

Then it was back for more shopping...and admiring works of art that made me smile because they are kooky and fun.

And enjoying how someone took the time to make something as pitifully mundane as a wipey container a work of art in and of itself.

Then Birdie, being the law abiding citizen that she is, yielded to buy some toys at this booth. I guess the shopping police can't ticket her. Ha, ha, coppers.

When we were done at the Galleria, we headed to Old Navy where my Weight Loss Rock Star Sister happened to be shopping. She heard our voices and came to find us. She was buying some clothes because hers are literally falling off of her. For some reason she decided that it might be inappropriate to have her pants slide off and land around her ankles at our Alma Mater's homecoming football game that night. I can't imagine why??!!!

Then Birdie helped me to pick out some clothes. It is good to have a friend who will give you the honest truth about how you look in clothes. You know the kind that tells you when you are trying on jeans..."Turn around and let me see if your butt looks good." or " That shirt makes your boobs look too big." I love Birdie.

We finished our day eating out at Carlos O'Kellys and gabbing about that "Darn Joe O'Biden" and Mrs. Palin, doggone it. And eating chips. And salsa. and queso. and our main dish. Oh and "did you girls want any dessert tonight?" Ummmm. No.

Then we went to Target and tried on more clothes and bought my husband this...

the toy of his childhood dreams.

I ended the day with some darn cute outfits,

the cutest purple shirt ever, and a refreshed soul. Ahhh, Girl's Days Out are so great!!!!

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Grammy said...

Thank you to you and Birdie for letting me live vicariously through you...I'm so glad that no tickets were issued by the shopping police!