Monday, October 27, 2008

Proof of Love

Sometimes being a stay at home mom (or a mom in general) is a thankless job. You know what I mean...where is the "Thanks!" for picking up the underwear off the bathroom floor and washing them and folding them and putting them away (only to get them back out, put them back on a hiney and at the end of the day have the whole process replayed over and over.) It is just what we do as a mom. We do not get a raise. We do not get awards for being "employee of the month." But what we do get is infinitely more meaningful. I just love the little moments when you know you are loved. Here are some of my "proof of love moments."
This was a moment when my little Ladybug was comforted to sleep by my presence. Just having her hand on my arm and knowing I'm near makes her world safe and happy.

This moment was when Lou, Lou and her best friend Pixie (Birdie's daughter) brought me "flowers" because they thought they were beautiful and I would love them because they are my favorite color.
I also felt loved the moment Birdie showed up at my door for an afternoon chat with a cappuccino in her hand for me. (Knowing that I had something on my mind and I was needing a listening ear!)
This moment was when my Heavenly Father seemed to paint a beautiful sky just for me to remind me that getting up at 6 am with my babies isn't the worst way to start a morning even though I just wanted to go back to bed.

Looking at those little "proof of love" moments makes the mundane, routine things in life tolerable. And if we can, by doing those routine things, give someone else a "proof of love" moment (like clean underwear put away in their drawer), then it is all worth it! Let's remind ourselves that God is Love and when we do things out of love, it is pleasing to Him and it makes the one you are serving feel valued and special.


Unknown said...

Love that sky.

Sondre Lyn said...

What sweet pix! I love the little baby love with her hand on your arm! So Sweet!

Yep. Being a mom is inglorious and down right unconventional. You can add it to your list! You forgot to mention the ungrateful things will put you out of a job before you know it! ;D I wouldn't trade a second of it.

Grammy said...

The "Mom Job" is definitely the hardest thing you will EVER do in your life! It's also the very BEST thing you will ever do in your life. Good stuff!

You blessed me so much by this post my heart can barely be contained inside my chest!

I love you!