Sunday, October 26, 2008

Racin' Day! It's Racin' Day!

I've shared my aversion to public displays of exercise with you all in this previous post, but as you know I opened my big mouth and told my Weight loss Rock Star Sister that I'd run a 2 mile race with her. Well, the race was yesterday and I'm proud to say, all that waxing and running paid off. We were able to run the whole way and finish without embarrassment (at least of our running, the hair may be a different story). Here we are looking all hard core and serious...

Rock Star and I also piqued our youngest sister, Pretty Princess's interest and she signed up to run with us the morning of the race. Oh yeah, if you saw us coming up behind you, wouldn't you just move aside and let us by?

Birdie also decided to run because she started training with her daughter (like any good mom who doesn't want her beautiful daughter out running the streets by herself would do.)

We met at Birdie's husband's work and stretched out and warmed up and posed for cheesy pictures like this one!

Pretty Princess modified her gloves so that she could use her touchscreen mp3 player while she ran.

It was stinkin' cold out but we were all about to warm up really quickly once the running began.

I wanted to take pictures during the race, but I didn't really consider the fact that to get a good picture, one must be relatively motionless which doesn't really work when you are trying to run. So instead, Rock Star reenacted her running for me. By the way, she beat the rest of us to the finish line. But I'm not bitter. Really. She just better watch her back next time. Just kidding. But not really.

We had so much fun and the best part was having a reason to get off our rumps and exercise. We decided we would do another 2 mile race next month in Rock Star's town. Next time we will have all 4 of us sisters together for the race. What a great joy and blessing to have such great fun and goal accomplishments with my sisters (and my unbiological sister, B.)


Unknown said...

Looks like you ladies had so much fun.

Sondre Lyn said...

What fun! And how great to have that bond! Good for you!

erin said...

You guys almost make me want to run! And stop eating these chocolate bars that are next to me on the couch. Almost. But I am very impressed!