Thursday, October 16, 2008

Special Guest Blogger

Hi all...I'm busy trying to pack 14 suitcases, getting my new pants hemmed (thanks Birdie), doing all the laundry on the face of the earth and waiting for Doc to get done delivering one last baby before we go to Vegas for a few wonderful, beautiful days of education (for him) and fun (for me & him, but mostly me).

I have asked a very special guest blogger to write a post in my absence. Look for it coming soon. And if I actually sign my husband out at the hospital myself and manage to drag his hard working behind out of this time sucking town and make our flight without any further delays, I will try to post while in Vegas. God help us. And God help his patients who are convinced that if he leaves town they will certainly die or at least fall into a serious coma until he returns. Amen.


Sondre Lyn said...

Okay, I have been on your site for like 1/2 an hour and I can't stop reading!!! And it's not like I don't have anything else to do. I have a house to clean and laundry to do and a 1/2 finished book that is calling my name (Needful Things Stephen King) Ugh... Darn you and your addictive site! :D

BTW... my husband teaches at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in GA. What a great co-inky-dink!

Unknown said...

Have a wonderful trip. I've never been to Vegas. We're going next year though for my hubby's class reunion and I can't wait.