Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Story from the Gelato Counter

Once upon a time, I was standing at a gelato counter. I was torn between the sugar free carmel flavor and the sugar free chocolate flavor and standing my ground in order to get a clear view of each. Once I decided on the chocolate, I stepped back and let the person behind me get a look so they could decide. Doc had the job of purchasing the gelato which was quite a feat. It seems that the gelato workers believed in natural selection, survival of the fittest, and squeaky wheels getting the grease (or gelato as the case may be). (It's a miracle that I got a clear photo of the counter).

That is when a lovely elderly woman (with the blue shirt at the end of the counter) asked me where the line was to order.

I told her that the next person in line seemed to be the person who is the most pushy.

"Well, I should have packed my pushy." she responded.

Here is proof that nice people can still get what they want without "packing their pushy".

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