Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Fairytale For You

Once upon a time there was a brave knight who kept his sword in his breastplate and his thumb in his mouth.

The knight had a very helpful squire who would bring him his helmet every time it fell from his very brave head.

One day, the knight encountered a fierce dragon. It's silver skin shimmered in the chandelier light as it came charging towards the knight.

The knight fought bravely. He was protecting the Queen with all his might and trying to slay the dreaded dragon when the unthinkable happened...

His very own helpful little squire started helping the dragon. The knight yelled " Who's side are you on ?"

The knight let the dragon escape and turned his attention to that traitor. He "soft poked" the squire with his sword and the squire began to cry.

The knight came to the Queen and told her of the treacherous traitor and told her that he only "soft poked" him and now he didn't want to play any more.

The Queen told the knight that he had made a poor decision by poking the squire and then she checked on the squire's well being. He had recovered quickly.

The knight began to pout which is very UNknightly.

Then he decided that he was not cut out to be a knight today.

At least not a REGULAR knight. He decided that he might make a better JEDI knight by playing Star Wars on his Nintendo.

Then the jedi knight became annoyed at the Queen because she was taking too many pictures.



Unknown said...

Oh no, not the hand. My older son almost always puts his hand in front of his face when someone is trying to get a photo of him.

Kim said...

What a great "scrapbooked" moment. I particularly like the "soft poke" part and the way the imaginative knight glides seamlessly from the medieval world to a futuristic one.

Sondre Lyn said...

How sweet are those boys! Those sweet babies just beg to be squeezed! :D I love the 'soft poke.' What a good momma you are!

Unconventional Doctor said...

Honey, that's a great tale. Your blogs are so amusing and great scrapbooks for our future. I love you!

Pretty Princess said...

That was hilarious!! Good story! I love the pouty face.