Thursday, November 6, 2008

Our November Day Trip

Every year we take a little day trip to a town called Sedan, Kansas. It is a little tiny town close to the Oklahoma border and not terribly far from where we live. There is one reason we see the leaves change and relish the beauty of the creation of God. We loaded up the kids and went there last week. We were a tad late because the two days before we went were WINDY days and the leaves didn't hold up in the trees very well. However, we went anyway and it was still beautiful.

Speaking of beautiful, Doc wanted to take some pictures of some of the trees in town before we left....
and I wanted to take some pictures of Doc taking pictures of the trees. OOhhh I love that man.

I especially love it when he is headed in my direction.

And I also love it when he doesn't know that I'm taking his picture...

because the pictures I take, when he doesn't know I'm taking them, look like he really looks. And I do love the way he looks.

And because I didn't want to blow my cover, I turned and started taking my own pictures of trees out the window.

Then we went to Sonic for these...

because happy hour or not, they make me and Doc happy.

Finally, we headed out on the road.

We, like most homegrown Kansas kids, love the wide open spaces and the room to breathe.

We appreciate the endless beauty and the fact that you can see into the next state from 10 miles away.
However, our kids...they do not appreciate such things yet. In fact, our peaceful drive was interrupted by "MMAAWWMM."

Me: Yes?
Them: We're bored.
Me: Look out the window and enjoy the beautiful view.
Them: We already did.
Me: Look some more.
Them: But, we're hungry.
Me: We'll be there soon.
Them: And we want a drink.
Me: Just chill out and enjoy the ride.
Them: But, but, but, but, but(all followed by some sort of complaint.)

So I did what every normal mother would do in my place...I broke out the left over Halloween candy and told Doc that I didn't care if we were going to have dinner soon. It will keep their mouths busy and they won't be whining.

And soon they were tickled pink...

And green...

by their candy and the colors their tongues were turning. And I went back to enjoying the view and anticipating the turn off to Sedan because this is my reward for listening to the whining...

It may be the most trees per square mile in Kansas.

Then when we pulled into the actual town of Sedan, I saw something that made me happy, too. I saw a house and matching truck in a cheery shade of my favorite color. You have to take a moment to appreciate the little things.

A little further down the road is the downtown area of Sedan. It is a cute little town with antique stores and a great restaurant and a really ginormous flag.

So we pulled over to take a picture and remind ourselves that we live in a great country and we are truly blessed. (Feel free to hum the National Anthem here. You know you want to.)

While we were parked to take flag pictures, I noticed a study in contrast. The man on the left is the stereotypical small town guy headed into the hunting supply store. (This particular sign had a sign in the window that said "Any deer contest". This begs the question, "How does one win an Any Deer Contest?" Is it the first one to bring in any deer or is the best deer of any that have been brought in. And how, pray tell, does one enter the "Any Deer Contest?" Does one pull up directly to the store front with the carcass in the back of his pickup or take a photo or weigh it or bring in the antlers? So many questions, so little time.)

Anyway, back to the contrast study. Small town on the left of me, mohawk on the right ("here I am stuck in the middle with you".) Sorry. Couldn't help it. Where did the mohawk dude come from? Did his Mommy give him that haircut or was it the blue hair down at the beauty shop? I just can't figure him out. What was he doing there?

After pondering VERY important and pertinent questions about deer and haircuts, we took a little drive to see the lakes that are outside of towns. A little "scouting for a new lake to fish on" jont, if you will.
Then we got back in the car and enjoyed the best part of living in Kansas...


Sorry if I come across as a sunset snob but I think our sunsets rival the best in the world. That maybe why they call this part of the country "God's country." He obviously does some of his best work here.


Grammy said...

Ahhh...Kansas sunsets...I miss them. They are definitely the best sunsets in the whole world. I love your are always thinking - unconventionally of course. That's part of why I love you. Happy Fall 2008.

erin said...

You've been tagged! See my blog for the exciting rules.