Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wishing You A Happy Thanksgiving With A Few Songs

Bub had his preschool Thanksgiving Party on Tuesday. I just love preschool programs. The kids just crack me up!

I've put on video of his class program. Each song is on there separately. If you want to hear, go to the bottom of this page and pause my play list first.

This first video is a "thankful" scripture...

The next video is a song called "Mr. Turkey." The sweet blondie boy behind Bub lives across the street from us. Bub calls him his "BEST SCHOOL FRIEND"!

The next song is "10 Little Turkeys." It helps them practice their numbers in Spanish!

The last song is my personal favorite. I find myself humming the tune around the holidays. It's called "Oh I'm Glad I'm Not A Turkey" which is a questionable theory about Bub at times. He is pretty much a turkey when it comes to being ornery.

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Kim said...

OH MY...this is spectacular! CJ was SO GLAD you recorded this. He said, "Why does our kid have to be the squirrely one? have me to blame." And baby sister is cackling in the background on that last video.