Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't Let Him Fool You

Doc may pretend to be a little grumpy. He may put forth the facade of being surly or irritated.

Don't let him fool you. Because let's face it, it's all an act (usually). And one thing is for certain, he is really smitten when it comes to this kitten because look what he got me for Christmas...

See? I told you he's crazy about me! Even when my hair is all funky and I'm broken out like a teenager (just keeping it real, folks).

As you can see, I'm thrilled about it! I've been wanting a kitchen aid mixer FOR-EV-ER. Or at least since we got married (which will be 10 years in May). And this is the BIG DADDY professional mixer of my dreams!

My Mother-In-Law was just as excited about it as I was!

She loves me, too. Enough to tell Doc, "You got her this new mixer and now she needs a new kitchen to go with it!" God bless her very big heart! She may be the best MIL in the world!

And let's face it, I'm one blessed woman to have them both in my life. And now a kitchen aid mixer, too! Really...what more could a girl ask for?


Kim said...

Ooohh! Nice, prize! I want one of those as well... AND the new kitchen to go with!

Sondre Lyn said...

You lucky lucky woman! And the professional one, too. NICELY DONE, HUBBY! And a great MIL? How wonderful!

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

Hee Hee. It makes the BEST cookies ever. :)

Unknown said...

Cute, cute pictures! I found your blog by googling "doctor's wife blog." My hubby will be a doctor in 4 months (hurray for the end of med school!), so I thought it might be fun to follow your blog. :)