Sunday, December 21, 2008

Snow, Magical Snow

Do you remember being a kid? Do you remember what it was like to look out the window and see the snowflakes start falling? Do you remember praying that there would be enough snow on the ground to play in it?

Snow is magical. It cleans up the world and makes everything shiney for a little while.

Lou Lou was enlightening S.G. about the ways of winter. She told him, "If enough snow falls, we can go out and play in it."

"Right, Mom?"

"Right, Lou, but it will be after Bub gets back from preschool!" Then S.G. said, "Mommy, yook. Santa wif a pwesent."

After Bub was home, there was enough snow to play outside for a little while...

Snow must be one of the reasons this is called the "most wonderful time of the year!"


Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

Oh my stars this is a sweet post! My little nieces and nephews are precious. Love you all! Can't wait for next weekend.

Sondre Lyn said...

Oh my, how SWEET! Enjoy your little ones enjoying the snow!

Unknown said...

Love the photos of you kids. They are adorable.

Grammy said...

I'm absolutely certain that I have the most beautiful grandchildren in the whole world! Great pictures of them! BTW, I also have the most beautiful daughters in the world...inside and out...I have no doubt! (and my sons-in-law are incredibly handsome so that certainly adds to the gene pool for beautiful grandchildren)