Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Visions of Sugarplums for Lou Lou's Bedroom

I always wanted to go to sleep on Christmas Eve and have "visions of sugarplums dance in my head." Never mind that I was combining the "Dance of the Sugarplum Fairies" with dreams about fruit covered in sugar....all I knew is that it would be a magical (and sweet) dream.

Since I never had those dreams appear, I did my best to give my daughter, Lou Lou, my best interpretation of the magic of sugarplums and sugarplum fairies as her Christmas decor in her bedroom.

I found the most sugarplum fairy-ish picture of her and framed it. Then I put it on her mantle with apothecary jars and candy jars filled to the brim with candies of all kinds! Then I put a greenery swag on the fireplace and tucked some fairies in the greenery to dance the night away!

I hung LOTS of tulle from the curtain behind her bed and strung lights and ribbon in with it.

Then to give it that fairy-ish look, I found her Tinkerbell costume and hung it right in the middle.

Her Christmas tree was filled with ribbon candy, garland with taffy, lollipops and anything I could get my hands on that was sweet! (Note: You may not want to include real candy as half of the garland was missing after a few weeks and little brother Bub was caught red handed on several occasions hiding out in Lou's room eating candy when no one was looking.) I topped the Christmas tree with the cardboard angel that hung on my parent's tree when I was a kid. I love her and she is blissful childhood memories wrapped up with fake hair and a pipe cleaner halo.

This is what the room looks like at night...

It makes me want to give those dreams another try! Or maybe just lay in there and pretend I'm 7 again!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very good......

Molly said...

Wow what a neat and beautiful idea. I have that same angel from my granny. Cute blog too!! Have a Merry Christmas!
~ Molly P

Sondre Lyn said...

Oh my, what a lucky, lucky girl to have such a great momma! I love that room! I know even my sweet (not so) little girl would love that room! :D