Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Four Sisters Farm

There is a precious piece of land, not too far away from where we live. It is the farm of my Dad's dreams (literally). My parents named it Four Sisters Farm in honor of my sisters and me. It is a beautiful piece of property but more than that, it is the first place that Mom and Dad have ever put down roots. This is HOME.

My sister, Farm Chick, lives there (with her two kiddos and my brother in law, EJ) and they take care of the place while Dad and Mom live in another state due to Dad's job. Farm Chick has started a blog to chronicle life there! It could get interesting because we all have the ability to do posts! So come on over to Four Sisters Farm!

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Sondre Lyn said...

I am so jealous! I love the country! It is my husband's and my dream to live in the country one day. If the Lord doesn't have it for us in this life, maybe our mansion will be on 40 acres in Glory! Ah, Beulah Land!