Friday, January 16, 2009

Streamline in 09'

I have had a distinct tug at my heart for a while now, a sort of dissatisfaction with life in general. Don't get me wrong. This is not a poor DW post...far from it! God has poured out his blessings on us. I mean, we live in a ginormous house, have the blessings of a ginormous family and have comparatively ginormous blessings materialistically. "So what's the problem?" I've been asking myself. Doc and I are getting along better than we ever have. There is no dissatisfaction in that department. So what is going on?

I talked to Doc recently and he expressed the same feeling. Like there is something more...or more specifically, something less....less stuff, less busyness, less clutter. More quality time as a family, more games, more giggles, more prayers...MORE TIME.

I think that part of it began with the acquisition of Four Sisters Farm. Sometimes when you take a break from life and enjoy the simple things in life, it makes you yearn for that more often. Another part of it is just the day to day living we do. All the laundry...too many clothes put into the dirty clothes that have been wadded up but never worn. All the picking up toys...too many toys that the kids are distracted by but never sit down and focus on. All the wasteful tossing of food that goes bad in the fridge because of poor meal planning. The cluttered cabinets that overflow with hair product I don't use, Tupperware with no matching lids and clothes that spill out of drawers because they've been thrown aside in search of the 3 pairs of favorite socks I own. The list goes on and on. It sickens me and it is stealing joy from our family.

So this year, it our distinct goal to get rid of superfluous stuff and activities and to focus on the things that are joyful and productive. In other words, we are going to Streamline our life...SIMPLIFY.

I began this morning. I took a shower and as I got ready, I decided to get a trash bag and pitch everything that I didn't use. I used the make up that I routinely use and put that in a little organizer then went through the rest of my makeup and saved only the makeup that I would use on a special occasion. I threw away the rest.

Then I did my hair. I kept only the hair products that work on my hair and that I use consistently. I threw away hairspray that doesn't hold and anything else of the sort.

Then I went through my jewelry. I'm not really a bobbles type of gal. I have worn the same diamond earrings since my wedding night. Besides those, I wear my wedding ring and a Timex watch that is far more utilitarian than stylish. I don't need much, yet, here was an entire drawer full of jewelry. I grabbed a Ziploc bag and put the stuff I never wear or had no sentimental value to me in there to donate.

I know that it is just a start but it made me feel calmer and much less crazy to see the results. If I can do a bit everyday, it will eventually all get done. We're on the road to a simpler life!


dina said...

Oh girlfriend... Have you ever read "Quaker Summer" by Lisa Samson? It rocked my world.

I totally know what you're talking about. When my husband and I married he was a widower with a baby, with his mother living with him. I was a month away from turning 30. We merged - essentially - four households worth of stuff together. In the past couple of years both my Grandmother and Mother have passed away... precious, treasured stuff came as a result. But stuff nonetheless.

We have this GREAT ministry in our town that focuses on giving battered women a safe place to go away, get counseling, job training, etc. and then sets them up in their own housing. There was no grief at all - only unmitigated joy - when I took things there.

Now to keep on the same track!

Grammy said...

Oh, DW! It always blesses and amazes me when I realize that God is steering man of His children in the same direction - I've been hearing (and heeding) the simplify message and I have heard Rock Star and Farm Chick talk about it too. The office I work in is closed on Monday and I have already planned to do some pruning here and donate some things...I know it will feel good! Thanks for your post and sharing about the process...keep it up!!

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

Right on, Sister. I feel ya! Why keep the Stuff!

By the way, that is a super cute pic of you and me from days gone by in your drawer! :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful idea. I suppose I need to start by getting the Christmas tree down first.

Kim said...

I feel you.......I PHYSICALLY FEEL more peaceful, relieved and happy after a good January "Spring" cleaning. I believe clutter is a physical manifestation of the mind. Cluttered house...cluttered head. I don't know what an fully uncluttered head feels like....thank God for closets.

Sondre Lyn said...

We try and stay pretty pared down because of all the moving we do, you wouldn't believe how annoying it is to unpack something that you haven't used in years. But lately my husband and I have been wanting to pare down even more. I thought it might have something to do with our last child moving out. But maybe there is some sort of spiritual thing there. I am hearing others say they are doing the same thing.

erin said...

It feels good, doesn't it? Hubby and I have been slowly working on pruning since we moved here. Good luck, woman!!!