Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Florida Day 3!

What do you choose to do when you can do WHATEVER you want? That was the question facing us on day 3 of our vacation. The plethora of choices was almost paralysing. Our friends would be arriving in the middle of the night so we had a whole day of freedom ahead of us. What would we do?

So, I said "Hello, to my little friend"...the SW Florida Travel Guide! We decided to drive down the coast and take advantage of the convertible. Our goal was a little island south of us called Marco Island.

We jumped in the convertible.

I was the navigator. So I grabbed the trusty map.

It was my job to direct Doc from Ft. Myers to Marcos Island.

We made it just fine because...

I got skills. Mad skills. Mad navigating skills.

I navigated our way to the Land of the Elderly. Nothing against elderly people, mind you, but these older people live out the stereotype of the Florida retiree.
I submit into evidence, exhibit A... (yes, that is a real life classic Cadillac convertible)

May I also submit Exhibit B... (Can you say Macular Degeneration, boys and girls?)

And finally, members of the jury, Exhibit C. (Apparently the elderly enjoy living in condos on the beach. There were about 94 Condo buildings just like this lining the beach.)

I rest my case.

The island did have nice palm trees. Ok. I realize that pretty much ALL of Florida has nice palm trees but I'm trying to be positive here.

The other thing that I will say for Marco Island is that it has a Mexican Restaurant. Unfortunately, it didn't open until 5 and we were famished at 4.

However, they did have a "Pub" hooked on to the the restaurant that was open. It served great food from the closed restaurant. Makes sense, right?

Then we enjoyed a lovely sunset as we finished our dinner. (Or at least a lovely mural of a sunset on the pub's wall.)

We got back in the car, put the top down and cruised back to our vacation pad just in time to enjoy the real deal and get ready for our friends to arrive!

Did I mention I love sunsets?


Kim said...

I am enjoying your vacation installments this morning while pausing to wipe oatmeal off of Baby Sisters', make sure you have enough fun for all of us SAHM's trapped in reality.

Love your stories of chimney sweeps, the elderly village, sweet husbands, and beautiful sunsets ....(sorry, had to go pour some more apple juice)'s nice to have enough free time where you don't know what to do with yourself! ...gotta go take Our Son to school!

"Blossom" said...

LOve marco island. WE have a niece that still lives there and the place is all elderly except for her. lOL It looks wonderful there and sunsets are so awesome.
The sunsets in Hawaii are so to die for. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Sondre Lyn said...

What a glorious vacation! Mexican food... sunsets... beaches... old people... er... maybe not! I hope you don't find any of my friendly neighborhood jellyfish down there! :D

Grammy said...

Beautiful and so nice to share the vacation vicariously through you two love birds! What incredible highlights - smelly airplane lavatory, a convertible, yellow knee socks, etc. Ahhhh...what memories you two will have! We have made some great memories of our own here while you have been out - thanks for letting me be here with your precious ones. I am blessed. By the way, DW, you have an incredible friend in Birdie...I made her be my friend this morning. :0)