Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Florida Here We Come!

Doc and I officially left for vacation on Sunday!

We spent the flights looking at each other with big cheesy grins. Well, that and doing some interesting reading. And by interesting, I mean weird. Doc has to take boards again this year so he has been reading and getting refreshed on all that doctor stuff.

Sometimes when he reads "interesting" things he shares with me so that I can learn, too. Like for example, did you know that one can get squamous cell carcinoma on one's scrotal skin? And further more, did you know that it is caused primarily by occupational hazards and was most commonly noted in chimney sweeps. I kid you not. Chimney sweeps. It says so in the AFP journal.

I, myself, prefer to read just as interesting, though not as gross reading material. Interesting...but in a different way, for sure!

Then, I spent some of the flight making fun of the irony of this package of peanuts. Sure I'll open this package of peanuts. Just let me get out my scissors from my carry on. Oh. Wait. I forgot. You confiscated them at the security checkpoint. Hmmm.

Finally, we began our decent into Ft. Myers. Helloooo, beautiful!

We would have been a little happier that we had landed if we hadn't have been seated in the VERY LAST ROW. Right in front of the lavatory. The lavatory which smelled REALLY bad. And we had to wait and be the very last passengers off the plane. We held our noses and held onto the hope of fresh air and warm weather.

The reward at the end of the flight was a rental car that looked like this...

We made our way to the vacation house and then headed out to dinner at a little Italian Restaurant!

Where we spent the rest of the evening looking at each other with cheesy grins!

And eating really good Italian food!


Lisa said...





Robynn's Ravings said...

OHHHHH! I am SO envious but thrilled for you! Just NOTHING like getting away with your hubby and it's just the two of you. It's been 22 years for us and when we travel it's like a honeymoon. Enjoy every moment together. :)

Christina Zimmerman said...

I am really trying hard not to be jealous right now!!! :P Have a blast and take lots of pics! We miss you! btw..saw your kiddos outside today ..they are still alive...and so is your mom!! :D

Megan said...

aww! Have a great time in Ft. Myers!

Robynn's Ravings said...

Oh - and just in case with all your fun you haven't been by lately, there's a contest at my place for two $50 gift cards to Amazon.com. Pop on over if you get the chance. Runs through Friday. :)