Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Funny Observation in Florida

Did you know the term "Cougar" means something totally different than the big cat?

According to


Function: noun

Definition: A woman aged 40 years or old who preys on younger men. During a hunt, she can often be spotted by her leopard print outfit, which makes her feel and look younger.

Background: The name “cougar” was used because it was associated with the leopard print clothing that was popular among these women to help them feel young. My definition of cougar places the age of the woman starting at 40. Age 40 is recognized as “over the hill” and therefore many people have their midlife crisis then. Therefore, major shifts in a person’s own identity occurs so to maintain a sense of their youthfulness, cougars will have plastic surgery, get Botox injections, and wear provocative clothing.

So, now that I know that you know what a "cougar" is, I must share a funny observation with you.

This is a picture of a Jaguar driven by a Cougar....

with a "Protect the Panther" licence plate.

Please tell me you find this as funny as we did!


Kim said...

According to YOUR definition couger-dom if fastly approaching....technically not, because I will NOT be on the prowl. But, 40 IS feeling younger and younger to me!

I would have LOVED to have SEEN the lady....I am sure you could just hear the animalistic call of youthful beauty slipping through her fingers......"PROTECT THE PANTHER!" (smile.)

Fortunately, I find laugh lines and wisdom its own kind of drop-dead gorgeous.

Grammy said...

The only thing I can think of that would make it even more funny is if she had some hottie in her car singing, "I've got a tiger by the tail, it's plain to see...I won't be much you get through with me." hee hee