Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's Black and White and Naughty All Over?

You are looking at him.

Don't let his laid back demeanor fool you. Don't allow yourself to get distracted by those big blue eyes and long eyelashes. Don't fall for that little elfish voice saying, "I wuv you, too!" And for the love of everything good, don't watch him go to sleep while sucking his thumb. If you do, you will think he is incapable of the naughtiness that rears its head now and then. You will be completely caught off guard when he walks into the room with a black sharpie in hand and arms that closely resemble a zebra.

Trust me. It happens. That is why there is Google. That is also why I am continually grateful for people who post random things on the internet like "Dawn Direct dish washing soap will remove sharpie marker from skin."

And that is why I am relieved that I use Dawn Direct dish washing soap to wash my dishes and had some on hand. And finally, that is why I'm ecstatic when those random helpful hints from the internet actually work.

Broad Shoulders for a Heavy Burden

Have I ever mentioned that I love my husband? Well I do. And sometimes situations arise that I am not even a part of and they remind me all the more about how much I love him...not for what he does for me (though I do love that stuff, too) but for who he is. Tonight we were snuggled in bed and we heard the ambulance sirens fire up and go out on a run. (Yes, we live in a small town.) Sirens always catch Doc's attention when he is on call because it may mean a trip in to the ER to take care of someone who is really sick. Our small town ER has Physician's Assistants working a lot of the time and the docs on call cover the heavy stuff. Doc is the guy with the golden call ticket this weekend, he pays attention to those sirens.

Shortly after hearing the sirens, he got a page on his blackberry...Code BLUE...someone headed in to the ER in BAD shape. Doc jumped out of bed and threw his scrubs on. I ran down stairs, grabbed his shoes and met him on the stairs. As he was tying his shoes, I was overwhelmed, in my spirit, with the knowledge that he is God's worker and it was time to do God's work. All those times that he has revived someone, stabilized someone, or even lost someone in the ER...all of them were divine appointments, set up by God because Doc was the right man for the job. Doc is God's hands in those situation. That could mean assuring a first time mom that it is normal for a baby to cry "that much" or that could mean running a code on a young man while his parents watch every effort fail and then praying with and comforting those parents afterwards. Doc never knows what is coming next but he does know one thing...God's hands are over all situations whether we, in our humanness, interpret the outcome as good or bad.

Now, please allow me to make this disclaimer...Doc isn't perfect. I know that. I'm not saying he is perfect. (Thankfully...he'd be sorely unmatched in our marriage!) What I am saying is that if he does what he can, to the best of his knowledge and ability, the rest is up to God. There is some comfort in knowing that you did all you could and the results were out of your hands. Things that shouldn't work sometimes work and things that should work sometimes fail. It is beyond our human reasoning and it is proof that someone greater than ourselves is ultimately in charge.

I kissed him on the neck and gave him a squeeze as he finished tying his shoes and told him,"You are the right man for the job". Then his blackberry rang and I overheard a woman ask if he got the page about the baby. He grabbed his bag, told her "yes...I'm on my way" and headed out the door. I watched him jump into his truck and I heard the ambulance sirens start up again indicating they were on their way to the hospital. He barreled out of the driveway and down the alley.

I shut and locked the back door. I couldn't help but drop to my knees and pray. I prayed for Doc to have clear thinking and good decision making abilities. I prayed for the EMTs to do their jobs well and quickly. I prayed that the ER staff would be on task and efficient. I prayed for this little patient's family, for comfort and peace. But mostly I prayed that this time, with this little one, that God's will would pleeeaase be life not death. Joy not sorrow. That His will would be done and I thanked Him that no matter the outcome that He had the right man for the job headed in that direction to meet that ambulance and that Doc was willing to do his part, no matter the how heavy the burden that is squarely on his shoulders.

One last thing...I believe part of the reason he's the right man for the job is that he has first hand knowledge of just what is at stake.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ice, Ice Baby

Last night we were unfortunate enough to be in the middle of America caught in a giant winter storm. It is even more unfortunate for Doc because he worked in the ER and spent the night at the hospital last night and is on call all weekend. I don't even know if he will make it home due to the ice that has coated every inch of our town and there is snow forcasted for this morning and afternoon.

We have just tried to make the best of it! Last night I made a fire in the fireplace and we roasted marshmallows!

We used those marshmallows to make smores....

which Southern Gentleman found very tasty!

We played a little bit...

then had a slumber party in our room. (Mainly because there is a gas fireplace in there and we lost our electricity from about 10:00pm until 2:30 am.) We stayed all toasty and warm!

Before we made it to bed, Lou helped me and we hung all the laundry in the washer to dry in the butlers pantry because we didn't know when the electricity would come back on and we didn't want mildewy clothes!

We woke up (bright and shiny early) and got some breakfast. As the sun began to rise and the snow began to fall, the tree damage became visable! Let's just say, I think our neighbors will be really glad they didn't go ahead and pull 10 feet further up in thier driveway!

Our trees took some hits, too! Fortunately, it just made a mess in the yard and didn't damage anything.

We will see what the rest of the weekend will hold...probably more snow and due to the flickering electricity a second ago, I'm wondering if we are headed for more power outages! Hopefully Doc will make it home although I'd almost rather him stay at the hospital than drive back and forth this weekend (at least the traffic should be minimal and we only live about 6 blocks away!)

And I think there will definitely be a nap on the agenda, too! SG is already out next to me as I type... Hope you all have a great refreshing weekend! Stay warm and safe!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guess Who Turned One Yesterday?!

Our little Ladybug! My how time flies!

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Conversation with Southern Gentleman

I came around the corner in the kitchen to see my little Southern Gentleman with the neck of his shirt stretched down around his waist. I asked him, " SG, what happened to your shirt?"

I don't know.

Ummm.... I'm thinking....

Let me see....did Bub do it? Nooo...not this time.

Gee, I should remember but I can't.

Distraction. Distraction always works. I'll change the subject.

"I WANT...."



Then he batted those big blue eyes at me and I did what I had to do....

I fixed his shirt and got him some juice because I can't resist those eyes. Sometimes.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fabulous 50's

Guess who gets to go to a 50's Sock Hop all decked out in a fabulous 50's outfit? ME! ME! Here's a little preview. I'll tell you more about it later!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Really Fabulous Find

Dear girlfriends,

I believe it is my duty to inform you when I find out about cool things. I mean, what kind of friend finds out about fabulous things and keeps that information all to herself? Not me...that's for sure!

A little sister, Farmchick, struck up a conversation at a conference with this really cute chick who was wearing a really cool shirt.

She told FC that she and her friend just started a business selling the shirts. Farmchick emailed me the link to their site and I immediately fell in love with their shirts! The shirts are cool but it it is their messages that make them amazing! Pleeeeaaassseee click on the logo below to see them (and buy them). They rock!

Wild Olive Tees

I'm sure you'll thank me later. And you're very welcome. Just doing my duty as your friend because I love you, sisters!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dr. Seuss Day

Did you know that March 2nd is "Dr. Seuss Day?" It is in fact his birthday and school children all over the county celebrate by reading his books, wearing "cat in the hat" hats and by eating "green eggs and ham."

This celebration landed me in some hot water with Bub. See, I had unknowingly scheduled a doctor's appointment for the morning of Dr. Seuss day. I had to pull Bub out of preschool early, just as the green eggs hit the griddle in his preschool. Boy, was my name mud! He was very "sad at me."

So I made him a promise that we would have green eggs and ham for supper that evening. Making good on my promise, I let the kids watch "Green Eggs and Ham" on youtube while I cooked.

I presented the two oldest with plates of reaalllyyy appetizing food. (I knew that SG was too smart to eat creepy green eggs!)

I guess they were good...if you closed your eyes!

Bub wanted to watch other Dr. Suess cartoons while he ate! He cracked me up by announcing that "Dr. Suess is a really good rhymer!"

In the end, I think he forgave me, hopefully, otherwise I might have to recruit my dad for a little "Hop on Pop" session!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Thank You Veterans: New and Old

As we were coming home from our vacation on Saturday morning, I was sitting in the Dallas airport and witnessed an exchange that got my mind going. There were two men dressed in the same military uniform, desert camo. One man was missing an arm and had noticeable scars on his face. He was holding onto the arm of his wife and they were walking along slowly down the corridor. The other man was younger and more fit. He was healthy and walked with confidence, quickly in the opposite direction.

As I watched, they passed each other. The exchange was worth a thousand words though not a word was spoken. The younger man looked directly at the older man and nodded. The older man nodded back. I couldn't help but wonder what was running through each man's head in that moment.

I wondered if the younger man's heart was covered with a wave of fear at the reality that his service to our country could render him disabled. I wondered if he prayed that he could keep all his body parts. I wondered if he appreciated being able to carry his own bag, as he went on his way. I wondered if he thought of his wife and hoped that he would never have to hold on to her arm to maintain his balance.

I wondered if the older man prayed that this young man would be covered and protected during his time overseas. I wondered if he thought of himself, as a young man, just entering the service. I wondered if he knew then what he knows now, would he have still enlisted? I wondered at his wife, who sent a healthy husband off to war and welcomed back a man with missing body parts and post traumatic stress syndrome. My guess is that she was grateful he returned at all and was happy to walk slowly beside him.

As I watched the men walk further from each other in the opposite direction, I wondered if they both looked at their fellow travelers, their fellow Americans and felt like it was or would be worth the sacrifices to protect these people.

If you have sacrificed for our country, whether you are in the military yourself or a family member of someone serving in the military, I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You inspire me to be more thankful, more generous and to try to live in a way that is worthy of your sacrifices! May God bless you.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last Day in Florida: Day 6

Alright, last vacation post, I promise! Something I should probably share with you readers is that I am a terrible scrapbooker. I have 2 of our 4 children's 1st year scrapbooked and that is it. So, when I began to blog, it dawned on me that this is pretty much a virtual scrapbook. So sometimes it may seem that I beat a topic to death...take for instance vacation. I know that one or two condensed posts about our vacation would do for my readers but frankly, this is my memory keeper and if I want to wallow in the memories of a week with my husband in the Florida sun with our friends, you will just have to forgive me!

So, that being said...

The last day in Florida was just as great as the rest! Kristin and Tony made pancakes, bacon and sausage for breakfast! Yum! And to make things even better, the guys did the dishes. (And Doc did our laundry while I played later on in the day!)

After the guys did the dishes and cleaned up, they realized that there were leftover pancakes and they had a brilliant idea! Tony and Doc headed to the dock to feed the fish. They were pretty sure there were lots of fish around there because random people would anchor nearby and fish. Being Midwesterners, they didn't realize the major flaw in their's name was SEAGULLS. They came walking down the dock with food in hand and those birds had their number. The pancakes never even hit the water. Those seagulls caught them midair and then proceeded to pester the guys until they ran out of pancakes!

After I laughed at and took photos of the seagull incident, the girls and I headed out for a little girl time! Happiness just might be a convertible. It was warm and windy and beautiful!

We went to a spa called Vincent's. It was deceivingly 80's on the outside and beautifully modern on the inside. Laura the pinup girl got called first. She was getting a massage while Kristin and I opted for pedicures. While we waited for our turn, we went to the "Energy Bar" for a drink. We were hopelessly lost in the choices when the owner/drink maker asked if she could make my preggie friend a drink. She asked what Kristin liked and K told her orange juice, blueberries, bananas. The owner said she would whip her something up! After she presented K with a gloriously healthy smoothie, she looked at K and said, very seriously, "when you come back, make sure you don't get any drinks with the syrups...they have ASPARTAME. I don't want your baby to get....." K finished her sentence, "mutated." "Well," she said, " you know. It's just not the best when you're pregnant."(She lectured the doctor.)

Kristin and I both laughed to ourselves and after we were out of earshot, Kristin looked at me and said, "Aspartame! So, do you think she'd look down on me drinking 2 or 3 Diet Cokes a day?"

After a wildly relaxing time getting pampered, we jumped back into the convertible and headed back towards the house, stopping at a souvenir store on the way! You know it is in the parent's handbooks that you must bring back gifts to your children after you have been gone on vacation."

We made it back in time to soak up some last day sun! Our menfolk were very happy to see us!

And we were glad to see them! Especially him!

I told the girls, I need a swimsuit, a cookie and a Diet Dr. Pepper and my happiness will be complete!

Didn't my pigs turn out cute?

I reached a state of COMPLETE relaxation very quickly. Having my feet rubbed helps with that and don't judge me when I tell you....

this doesn't hurt either!

The boys left and went to the grocery store for dinner fixings. We had a little more girl talk and then enjoyed the sunset when they got back!

We had dinner poolside. Tony made the most delicious dinner of steak and veggies!

After dinner we had one last wild and crazy idea to end our vacation....

we decided we should cross the bridge to Ft. Myers Beach and get henna tattoos! A little reminder for a couple of weeks (until they fade away) of the great time we had together!