Monday, March 2, 2009

Florida Day 5

Day 5 in Florida was just gorgeous! Blue sky, warm temperatures and the promise of a shopping trip! I was on a mission to find a 50's outfit for a dance that is being held as a fundraiser in our little town. I figured that there was no time like the present to shop without children. Doc reminded me that I'd better be careful as luggage space was limited! Silly man. Doesn't he know that where there is a will, there is a way?!

So, since Kristin is a year pregnant and didn't want to go with us, I grabbed my friend, Laura, who I dubbed "the pin up" because of the photo below! (And yes, like a good friend, I email the photo to her husband for his viewing pleasure!) Call me narcissistic, if I had a photo of myself like this one, I'd be blowing it up to life size and hanging it on the wall! She's smokin'!

Anyway, we jumped in the convertible and headed out, listening to tunes on our way!

The first place we hit was a vintage store. I tried on some beautiful dresses and accessories and bought a hat, gloves and earrings.

Then we headed to Ross, which is the most awesome store ever. Amen. And there she was, in all her beauty hanging on the rack of dresses. She fit like a glove and fit the bill perfectly. This little black dress I found didn't have a price tag on it so when I checked out, a store manager went off with the pricing gun and lo and behold the dress was TEN DOLLARS!!! I was really glad I didn't decide to go real vintage at a whopping 150 dollars! (I will reveal the outfit in a future post!)

So, after we shopped till we dropped, we took our treasures and headed back to the house.

Just in time to catch another beautiful sunset on the way!

We got changed and ready and headed out to dinner at Osaka.

It was a fun place where they cook the food on a giant cook surface in front of you.

It was an evening of romance....

great company...

sushi (gag)...

sharing great food...

lots of fire...
and not many leftovers!

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