Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's Black and White and Naughty All Over?

You are looking at him.

Don't let his laid back demeanor fool you. Don't allow yourself to get distracted by those big blue eyes and long eyelashes. Don't fall for that little elfish voice saying, "I wuv you, too!" And for the love of everything good, don't watch him go to sleep while sucking his thumb. If you do, you will think he is incapable of the naughtiness that rears its head now and then. You will be completely caught off guard when he walks into the room with a black sharpie in hand and arms that closely resemble a zebra.

Trust me. It happens. That is why there is Google. That is also why I am continually grateful for people who post random things on the internet like "Dawn Direct dish washing soap will remove sharpie marker from skin."

And that is why I am relieved that I use Dawn Direct dish washing soap to wash my dishes and had some on hand. And finally, that is why I'm ecstatic when those random helpful hints from the internet actually work.


Grammy said...

I'm not totally certain, but I think I saw "I Love Mom" tatooed on the Southern Gentleman's little arm in black sharpie...oh well...he tried.

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

He is so precious!

erin said...

Good to know, about the Dawn that is! And his big ol' pretty eyes could fool me anytime.