Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sometimes I Get Nervous

Like every parent, I worry about how my children will turn out. I fret about this one, in particular, for obvious reasons.

Especially when I notice a scary resemblance to someone else I've seen.

Everyone meet Phillip...

Watch this and you will know why I am concerned. And if you think of it, you might offer up a prayer on our behalf. I think we may need some.

Monday, April 27, 2009

In My Absence from Cyberspace

You know when you have a million things going on and your head is spinning and you fall asleep the moment your head hits the pillow? That has been life for about 2 weeks. We have a lot of things in the works. A lot of projects, decisions and the dreaded garage sale coming down the pike.

Here is a little bit of the action going on around here the past couple of weeks...

Pretty Princess and her boyfriend, Romeo, managed to break her leg while horsing around. Like seriously broke her leg. Requiring surgery and pins and plates and lots of pain medications. Now she is back to school in a wheel chair. Poor thing.

Mom flew in to take care of Princess and then Dad flew in last Wed. for a job interview on Friday. We are anxiously waiting for the verdict...whether they will be returning to the "home land" from South Carolina. Everyone is praying and hoping!

Farm Chick and my Dad drove down to my house from the farm to run in a fundraising mile race with me on Saturday! We had a lot of fun and it was definitely a great memory. And she knocked more than a minute off her personal best time!

Rock Star is pregnant. She is sick as a dog and trying to take care of her two boys while PhoJo is working.

Now...add on top of that soccer games 2 times a week, homeschooling, a field trip to a dairy farm, stripping wall paper and getting ready for a garage sale. My head is spinning. Doc has been crazy busy including 2 deliveries in a 48 hour period last week, also.

So...all of this is to tell you that I think of you often but write to you not as frequently as I'd like too. But don't you worry. I have a camera full of photographs and a head full of blog posts to come! Don't miss me too much!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Small and Mighty

The Southern Gentleman and Ladybug are only 17 months apart but SG takes his responsibilities as an older brother very seriously.
He keeps tabs on Ladybug and makes sure she gets help when she needs it.
He gives her smoochies and hugs and tries to be a good big brother.
Most of the time, Ladybug tolerates his brothering but....
when she's had enough, that's it. She has developed some very effective techniques to show SG who's boss including the ol' "Catch a Brother by the Nose" trick....

And letting out a mighty roar....

That sends her siblings running for the hills (or at least out of her small but mighty reach.)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Organizing Linens

I am still working my way through my house, organizing the closets and our lives in general. Recently, I organized the cedar linen closet.

I really love labels. They just make me happy. Especially this type. It screams "Martha Stewart" to me for some reason. And I also love Martha.

These canvas bins also make me happy (probably because they come with a little clear pocket in which I can stick my beloved labels).

My great linen closet organizing tip of the day is this...fold your sheet sets as you normally do except for one of the pillow cases. Then stick the rest of the set in said pillow case so that it all stays neatly together and you don't have to rummage around to find the missing piece of the sheet set. Now, go forth and organize. Beautify a little corner of your world!

If you still lack motivation for beautification...check out one of my favorite sites... The Inspired Room!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

How To FREAK out a 4 year old boy

This is my 4 year old, Bub.

He's cool with the world of make believe. Movies don't freak him out. He doesn't think that there are monsters under his bed (he knows the only thing down there is his brother who sleeps on the bottom bunk and sometimes ACTS like a monster.) He isn't afraid of the boogie man or anything like that...but he is still only 4. It turns out, when you are 4, sometimes the most scary things are the real things that get twisted around in your mind and come out wrong.

Case in point...eyelashes. This is a great picture of Bub's eyelashes. They are long and beautiful and apparently my husband and I have a mutant gene combination because...

these are his brother's eyelashes. Yes, I'm serious. No, they are not fake. Yes, his sisters will be jealous of them one day and no, I did not curl them. They just naturally curl up at the tips.

So... apparently, the other day at school, a little girl in Bub's class told him he had long eyelashes. Then, he came home and saw these sitting on my bathroom counter. I hadn't really thought about how weird they must look to a kid.

That night, his 4 year old brain put two and two together and he had a dream about it all. I woke to hear him talking and moaning and thrashing around in his bed down the hall. I went to check on him. This is our conversation...

Me: *shaking him a little to wake him up* "Bub, it's ok...I'm here."

Bub: *crying a little* "Mom, when.....how are you going to take off my eyelashes?"

Me:*chuckle, chuckle* "What?"

Bub: "You know....*starting to sob* LIKE THE ONES IN YOUR BATHROOOOOMMMMM."

Me: *trying not to laugh* "Bub, those aren't real eyelashes. They are pretend ones that Mommy wore to the dance the other night to make my eyelashes look pretty. They don't belong to anyone!"

Bub: *meekish chuckle* OOOhhhh. Ok.

Me: *laughing* Night, Bub. I love you, you crazy boy!"

Bub: "Night Mom! Love you, too."

I guess the next day at school, he told the little girl that his eyelashes were pretend like Mommy's. Fabulous.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'll Be Darned! I won something!

There's this really cool chick, Sondre Lyn, that has a wonderful (and newly made over) blog. I've been reading her blog for as long as I've had my own! She's a step ahead of me in life and helps me keep perspective on the big picture, as far as my kids go.

Sondre Lyn recently won a blog makeover by Casey at The Ever Changing Life of a Military Life. To celebrate, she had a giveaway. She is a HUGE coffee fan and she decided to give away one of her favorite things. Well, miracle of all miracles...I WON!!!

I came home to find this sitting on my front porch...

I opened it up and discovered this...

Intrigued by the odd looking little coffee machine, I opened it up and did something I rarely do...I read the directions. I didn't want to mess up such a nice gift!

As I delved further into the box, I found this...a variety pack of coffee.

Just this was enough to make me exceedingly happy. It was so far off the cute chart! Don't you think?

Of course when I have something neat, I must share with Birdie because she's my unbiological sister and all. She agrees about the cuteness of this little coffee container. And just for the record, I made this same face when I saw this packaging, but luckily I had the camera. (Sorry, Birdie, but this photo sooo captures the moment that I couldn't leave it out. I'm sure you can figure out someway to get me back!)

Back to the machine...having read the directions, I knew the first thing to do was fill this part with water!

Then put a coffee mug under the spout. This is my all time favorite cup. Birdie gave it to me. It makes me smile like the donut coffee.

Next, you open this top part.

Then, you face the hard decision of which of the sweet, little, precious coffees to use.

You stick it in here.

Then you close the top back down.

And then you have to choose whether you want a big cup of coffee or a little cup of coffee.

Of course I went for the big daddy cup. Then the magic happened! Oh baby!

I couldn't wait to get my hands on it.

It smelled delish and tasted divine!

In conclusion, I'd like to say THANK YOU to Sondre Lyn for introducing me to my new favorite thing! You rock and so does the Kuerig!!!!

Everyone go see Sondre Lyn's site. It's really pretty and she's pretty fun! Now, I better get over to the Keurig site and order myself some more of those cute little coffee babies before I run out! I hear they have hot cocoa and tea, too!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Love Story

Saturday night I got all dolled up and went to the sock hop. I spotted a handsome fellow across the room.

I watched him from afar as he practiced his secret agent skills. He's deadly with a HANDgun.

I caught him looking at me a couple of times. I think it was my striking resemblance to Marilyn that caught his eye.

I got a little jealous when I saw the two of them whispering back and forth.

A little later in the evening, I spotted him at the bar.

Our eyes met and sparks flew.

He asked if he could buy me a drink.

I tried to play it cool.

But he impressed me...

With his debonair style and...

his amazing popcorn catching skills.

He was just so cool!

Then, he took me for a spin out on the dance floor. He was so light on his feet... a regular Fred Astaire.

After all that dancing, we were parched. So we headed to the soda fountain for a little refreshment. He was so dreamy!

He suggested we blow that scene and go for a cruise in his friend's ride.

So we rode off into the sunset...

And he asked me to have his babies and we lived happily ever after. The End.