Sunday, April 12, 2009

How To FREAK out a 4 year old boy

This is my 4 year old, Bub.

He's cool with the world of make believe. Movies don't freak him out. He doesn't think that there are monsters under his bed (he knows the only thing down there is his brother who sleeps on the bottom bunk and sometimes ACTS like a monster.) He isn't afraid of the boogie man or anything like that...but he is still only 4. It turns out, when you are 4, sometimes the most scary things are the real things that get twisted around in your mind and come out wrong.

Case in point...eyelashes. This is a great picture of Bub's eyelashes. They are long and beautiful and apparently my husband and I have a mutant gene combination because...

these are his brother's eyelashes. Yes, I'm serious. No, they are not fake. Yes, his sisters will be jealous of them one day and no, I did not curl them. They just naturally curl up at the tips.

So... apparently, the other day at school, a little girl in Bub's class told him he had long eyelashes. Then, he came home and saw these sitting on my bathroom counter. I hadn't really thought about how weird they must look to a kid.

That night, his 4 year old brain put two and two together and he had a dream about it all. I woke to hear him talking and moaning and thrashing around in his bed down the hall. I went to check on him. This is our conversation...

Me: *shaking him a little to wake him up* "Bub, it's ok...I'm here."

Bub: *crying a little* "Mom, are you going to take off my eyelashes?"

Me:*chuckle, chuckle* "What?"

Bub: "You know....*starting to sob* LIKE THE ONES IN YOUR BATHROOOOOMMMMM."

Me: *trying not to laugh* "Bub, those aren't real eyelashes. They are pretend ones that Mommy wore to the dance the other night to make my eyelashes look pretty. They don't belong to anyone!"

Bub: *meekish chuckle* OOOhhhh. Ok.

Me: *laughing* Night, Bub. I love you, you crazy boy!"

Bub: "Night Mom! Love you, too."

I guess the next day at school, he told the little girl that his eyelashes were pretend like Mommy's. Fabulous.


Madison Sanders said...

Oh man, that is funny. I can understand why he thought it though.

Kim said...

Love this story. I remember being "freaked out" by grandmas wigs and stuff. It IS frightening for a child to see body parts (no matter how miniscule) NOT attached to a body.

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

Hee Hee! I love it that he is busting your beauty secrets out at school. At least you don't have fake boobs laying around anywhere! :)

Christina Zimmerman said...

LOL..that is way too funny. Our big boy is trying to figure out the world of Divorce and decided to ask his "step-nana" (we don't really call her that) why daddy's mommy and daddy are not together. And did she know that you aren't supposed to have babies when you are not married???? It was quite the sunday talk. lol