Friday, May 29, 2009

Our Ten Year Anniversary

This is a picture of me and Doc 10 years, 4 kids, 3 jobs, and 2 houses ago. My, how life has changed a lot in those 10 years.

I checked my email this morning and found this... I don't think he will mind me sharing. I'm married to a very creative man (when he has or takes time to be).

My dear Wife,
I cannot believe it has already been 10 years! It is so amazing how I feel I have come to know you so well, yet I also feel like I have so much more to learn about you. I can't wait for tomorrow to see what it will bring for us, what joy, what happiness, what sorrow, what fear, what tragedy, what trial, what experience we will get to journey through together and grow closer as we travel down those paths. I thought I loved you so much when we got married ten years ago today, but I have learned that love grows, and my love for you has grown to more than what I could imagine or comprehend. You have become

my anchor in the rough waters
my sunrise in my day
my beacon in the dark night
my reason in my confusion
my clothing in my nakedness
my warmth in my cold
my joy in my sadness
my smile in my frown
my wind in my fog
my rest in my weariness
my fullness in my emptiness
my rock in my fear
my water in my thrist
my mortar in my home
my chocolate in my distress
my satiety in my hunger
my tree in my saraha
my lenses in my blurred vision
my step in my shortness
my pillow in my tiredness
my rose in my desert
my bouy in my drowning
my color in my monochrome
my ecstacy in my boredom
my hand when I have fallen
my conscience in my indescretion
my skeleton in my weakness
my jackpot in my lottery life
my glass half full
my guide in my indecision
my sober in my drunkennes (figuratively speaking, of course)
my drunk in my soberness (see above)
my yellow in my blue
my supermodel
my wings when I am grounded
my key for my lock
my curry for my chicken
my road for my travels
my "shotgun" in my ride
my fuel for my rocket
my charge for my TNT
my perfect gun for my caulk

Baby, you are more than what I ever expected. I would never have imagined 10 years ago today that I could love you more now than what I loved you then, but I have been wrong before, and I was wrong then. Each day I desire you, to be with you, to continue to learn you, to grow even more in love with you. What a blessing you are! You fullfill me. I look forward to every day, to being with you, to sharing with you, to becoming more in one with you, to loving you. Although we won't be spending this monumental day together in the "traditional" way, I want you to know that you are on my mind all day, and for that reason a smile will persist on my face, a giddiness will be in my voice, a flutter will be in my chest, a hop will be in my step, and a tingling will be on my skin as I recognize and keep center the love I have for you and celebrate our love, our years behind, and our years ahead.
I love you deeply, dearly, and as best I can.
Your husband.

How blessed am I???? We are spending our 10th anniversary driving all night to Indiana. Not the "traditional" celebration, for sure, but who needs traditional? I like US. Here's hoping you like YOU and that you are looking to see your blessings today! Have a great weekend!

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What I'm Doing For My Summer Vacation

As you know, we are selling our current house and planning to pack up the fam and move to Beverly...Hills that is, I mean up north to the big city. Sorry... sometimes TV show jingles just jump on me. Anyway, we had 4 showings over Memorial Day weekend. It has been on the market for less than a week and I'm already REALLY tired of being the cleaning nazi. Booo. My poor children. Ladybug is a mocking bird right now. I am just waiting to hear, "NOOOO. Put that away" come out of her sweet little mouth. The other 3 are probably feeling like they can't LIVE in our house. So we decided to go ahead with our plans to go on vacation. And when I say vacation, I mean a road trip to Indiana. With our kids. And our kids' mess in our SUV and not in the house. Praise the Lord. It will be a 12 hour trip but worth every second.

Now... the challenging part will be keeping the house clean while managing the children while packing up for a week's vacation. Hmmm. A multitasker's challenge. Wish me luck and please pray that our house sells quickly. My children may be permanently afraid to touch anything if this goes on very long!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


After MUCH prayer and debate, we have decided to move. Doc has been overwhelmed with work for about 2 years and our family time has been suffering. He has been going into work by 6:30 am and gets home at 6:30 or 7 pm. He grabs a bite to eat, helps me tuck in the kids and then from about 9 to 11 he does his dictations. On top of that he has call twice a month and weekend calls every 7th weekend (or so) and rounds every Saturday for 3 or 4 hours, on average. We have been feeling pressure from all sides for a long time. There just aren't enough hours in the day to get it all done...and especially not all done WELL. His kids are very important to him (as am I) and he has just decided enough is enough.

We are moving closer to family and he is trading in his 60 - 70 hour weeks for an 8 to 5 job with NO WEEKENDS! Yay!!!! The kids and I aren't going to know what to do with him around so much! It will definitely feel like a much needed respite for both of us.

With all that change, comes one big one...we are selling our house. It is official. There are signs in the yard and the local realtors came to an open house yesterday!

The saddest part about selling our house is leaving our wonderful neighborhood! We have made dear friends here and I'm just trying not to think about leaving them...I'm trying to focus on the good!!!

Please check out the blog that I made for the house and pass on the link to anyone who may be interested in seeing it! Click on the image below or on the side bar of our house to go take a tour!

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Beastly Bathroom Makeover

See this beastly wallpaper? We call it the "Elk Wallpaper". It has lived in our master bathroom for about as long as I've been alive. NOT kidding. My year of birth-1976. It's year of being hung-1977. So, I finally put it out of its misery. Well, me and my best friend, Birdie did, anyway. Birdie said it looks like the elk has its behind stuck between the trees and is struggling to free itself. There could be many interpretations of that analogy in a bathroom but for Heaven's sake, let's not go there.

So here is the new "spa like" bathroom. I think it is a vast improvement!

While I was at it, I even cleaned out and organized the linen closet!

Now we can use the facilities in peace without millions of struggling elks staring us down!

Thanks to Birdie for the help and encouragement! She is a life saver because I am an "ideas" person, a starter of projects. She's a finisher, a follow througher! So, thanks Birdie! You rock!

Melissa, at the The Inspired Room, has set up a Mr. Linky with all sorts of projects for inspiration! Go forth and be inspired!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Southern Gentleman Goes to the Hospital

The Southern Gentleman is not an early riser! It would help if he slept at night but unfortunately for about 6 months he had been waking up several times a night because he couldn't breathe. We took him in to our family doctor and he sent him to an Ear Nose and Throat doctor. He determined that SG needed his adenoids removed.

Well, today was the day! SG was up bright and early (but still a little grumpy.)

We loaded him up in the car and took him, still dressed in his jammies, to the hospital.

We got there prayed over him and settled in for a little cartoon watching before the procedure! Notice the unsettled look on my face. I didn't realize how worried I was until it was all over.

We made sure our little thumb sucker's hand was marked so that there would be no mistake in IV placement!

He was very patient as the staff took his blood pressure and temperature.
He got a bit groggy after he was given some medicine to help him relax. We took him downstairs and got him all ready to go back to surgery. He had such a small head that they had to use a shoe cover instead of a scrub cap.

Then they took him back and he didn't even cry! What a big boy!

Doc and I went and had breakfast and went to the waiting room. The doctor came and met us and told us that he did really well and that his adenoids were indeed VERY large. He told us he hoped SG would get a lot of breathing relief. Please God, let him start sleeping through the night so that his Dad and I can then sleep through the night!!!!

We went in and comforted him as he woke up from anesthesia. He woke up VERY grumpy!

Things calmed down once he found the magic thumb and could hold Daddy's hand!

It took him about an hour to wake up and return to his "normal" happy self!

Then the long part started...hanging out at the hospital to make sure that he was going to do ok. There was a lot of cartoon watching!

And a lot of eating. His appetite returned with a vengence! He hasn't gained weight in a couple of months and I think he was making up for lost time.

Daddy got to play the "Daddy" roll instead of the "Doctor" roll.

That was until an emergency arose down the hall that sent him running out the door to help! But he was back soon! And back in Daddy mode!

He watched movies and ate and ate and ate some more! I tried to read but I was unable to focus!

Finally, after hours of hanging out, we got to get that pesky IV out and head home!

Praise God! It couldn't have gone any better! He is back to his normal self! Now the waiting part comes...letting him heal up and letting the swelling go down and seeing if he will start sleeping through the night and growing!

When we got home, he was greeted sweetly with crayon pictures and dessert! His siblings and Grammy and Papa were very happy that he was home! Now they are all tucked in for the night and we are close to calling it a night! We all need a good night's sleep!!! To those of you who knew and were praying, thank you!!! God is GOOD!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Acknowledging My Blessings

This afternoon I would just like to publicly thank my Father in Heaven. We have some pretty heavy things on our hearts that I will not go into but as it says in Lamentations 3...His mercies are new every morning. Thank the Lord for a new perspective and a fresh start every day.

Last night Doc and I felt on the verge of being swallowed whole by our life. But it stopped us long enough to realize some BIG things and appreciate the little ones. Sometimes you have to stop the wheels from spinning long enough to let God get your attention and place your feet in the right path again. You know...refocus. Today, the blessings are washing over us like I have not experienced in a long time. I am humbled and reveling in God's love. It is like he is spoiling us! Beautiful friends, sweet forgiveness, opportunities, love...blessings are being poured out all over us today. Just wanted to tell you all that even in the hard times God is good. And sometimes he uses the hard times to coax us back into the protective palm of his loving hands. Thank you, Jesus!! Who am I, that you would love me and call me yours?