Friday, May 1, 2009

Acknowledging My Blessings

This afternoon I would just like to publicly thank my Father in Heaven. We have some pretty heavy things on our hearts that I will not go into but as it says in Lamentations 3...His mercies are new every morning. Thank the Lord for a new perspective and a fresh start every day.

Last night Doc and I felt on the verge of being swallowed whole by our life. But it stopped us long enough to realize some BIG things and appreciate the little ones. Sometimes you have to stop the wheels from spinning long enough to let God get your attention and place your feet in the right path again. You know...refocus. Today, the blessings are washing over us like I have not experienced in a long time. I am humbled and reveling in God's love. It is like he is spoiling us! Beautiful friends, sweet forgiveness, opportunities, love...blessings are being poured out all over us today. Just wanted to tell you all that even in the hard times God is good. And sometimes he uses the hard times to coax us back into the protective palm of his loving hands. Thank you, Jesus!! Who am I, that you would love me and call me yours?


Dusty Devoe said...

Great Post! Thanks!

Kim said...

The pressures of y'all's life are WAY more complex in MANY ways than ours. And....if not for Holy Spirit interventions I would not get out of bed most days. So, may God bless you and your family with strength and joy while you walk through valleys. I am CONVINCED that the demands of parenthood (which multiplies any life conflict) is just one big oven of refining fire.

Grammy said...

Amen, DW! Very well said...may God encourage you and the Unconventional Doctor! I praise Him for blessing you and for giving you a heart that loves Him and eyes that see His hand of orchestration in your lives. You are much-loved and your blogs about your faith in God bless me.

Kim Peri - you eloquently stated what drives you in your life and Who you rely on every day...what you say about parenthood is so very true - there is nothing in my life that has taught me more about the love of my Heavenly Father than the love I have for my own children...I have often wondered what my "Daddy" thinks about me and my choices when our children were being raised. It's not an accident that God gave us the model of family. Thanks for your blessed me today as I read it.

Kim said...

Thanks, Grammy. Some days I second guess my choice and ability to parent, but I KNOW if HE gave them to me, then HE will HELP me. I KNOW how fleeting this time is when I don't take time to acknowldege the little things. I will tell you what I told Unconventional Dr.'s have some GREAT, you must have done MUCH right!