Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sponge Ball, Wet Pants

The kids and I have made a list of summer vacation activities inspired by this! One of the things we found to do is make sponge balls, the brilliant idea from the Martha Stewart website!

So I went to the grocery store and bought 24 sponges and last night we did our crafting magic. Here's start out with groups of three sponges for each ball.

Then you put your kids to work cutting the little strips. I took the opportunity to practice a little math because we're home schoolers and my brain looks for ways to incorporate learning in all situations. "Lou Lou, cut the sponges into 2 equal strips. Now one of those is what fraction of the sponge?" "Half, mom (duh.)"

" cut the halves in half again. What fraction is one piece now?" "A fourth, Mom."

When I was sure that she was retaining her mad fraction skills, it was time to move on. She cut and cut...
And I did the assembly. Gathering each group of 12 strips in a bundle.

Then I tied them in the middle.

Lou was my assistant, helping me tie a knot so I could get it nice and tight.

For extra good measure, I then wrapped it around the other way so that hopefully the sponges would be less likely to come out of the ball while being flung by one sponge.

Then I cut the excess string off.

And voila...a beautiful sponge ball!

After more cutting and assembling, we ended up with 8 sponge balls!

Then we recruited Bub to be our tester and what started out with a little innocent product testing...

turned out to be an all out sponge ball war.

And ended up with all of us wearing really wet clothes but laughing our heads off!!! What a blast!


Grammy said...

The sponge ball project looks like it was great family fun! Wish we had been there to partipate! Kudos to great planning, preparation, and project testing!

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

I love it! Maybe we could have a sponge ball fight at the farm. I hear the chickens have a wicked curve ball!

Sondre Lyn said...

How Fun! And those sponge balls were so cute.

Ironically, the word verification is slings! Ha! :D

Unknown said...

You Rock!!! LOL

PS Did your nail color match your pink shoes & hand bag?

Christina Zimmerman said...

Hey Those turned out so cute!! Great job! and it looks like Doc got to have some great family time with ya! I'm glad you guys had a blast! We might have to attempt that one. :)

Damoms said...
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