Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Message from a Friend in the Faith

My precious "across the street friend", Kim (whom you may remember helped out Lou when she had the tragic scooter accident) blessed me with an email yesterday morning! I asked her if I could share it! I can't tell you how spot on this message is for me. It is a message that is perfectly lined up with what God has been telling me and Doc! I hope it blesses you, too!

I woke up early this morning, and I believe, when you wake up unexpected it is for a reason. I may not always listen to it, but this morning you guys were on my heart.... Doc's first day of work. So, I prayed everything I knew inside of me to pray that this is a new beginning for your family and I am agreeing with you that it will be a brand new decade of extreme blessing after a decade of extreme sacrifice.

Sometimes we don't SEE God's timing, but He graciously moves us in His time. While we live by a different calendar.....I believe God still moves within his. This month is leading up to the Jewish new year. And this time, 8/21-9/18 is the month Elul. The month of divine mercy and forgiveness. But this is also the time of the year when the King used to leave the palace and meet with the people in the field....where they lived. There are no appointments to be made, there is no formal occasion. He is right there....where you live....listening and desiring to meet with you.

Of course, I believe God is always near, but you and I both know there are seasons when He is closer than others. And, this month....heading into a new year (on the Hebrew calendar) I just want to offer up that the King is close and I am believing whole-heartedly that God is moving you in His PERFECT timing. A NEW year on the calendar and a NEW year for your family.
Be blessed today. He does know FULL-WELL the plans he has for you and I am very excited to see them played out.

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