Saturday, October 24, 2009

An AWESOME weekend: Sunday

Sunday was a bit of a difficult day. We didn't realized that we had left Doc's keys with Grammy (my mom) at the farm. So we spent part of Sunday morning looking for them. That's always a frustrating thing to have happen. We were headed to Norman, Oklahoma for the U2 concert which was a long time dream come true! We decided to get the keys when we returned. So we loaded up Grammy and Papa's (Doc's parents) vehicle with some stuff to drop off at home on our way south into Oklahoma. Unfortunately, we realized after we got all the way home (an hour away) that I had left my keys and my truck for Grammy and Papa to drive with the kids' car seats in it. So, we had no set of keys and thus...NO HOUSE KEY! It is a pretty sad state of affairs when you have to break into your own home.

We managed to break and enter and get the things we needed. Then we were off to Oklahoma. The trip went well until we got into Oklahoma City. That is where we ran into the traffic jam from beyond. It was one of those traffic jams that takes about an hour to get 10 miles and then when you reach the area causing all the problems, you realize it is just a little road work and should not be such a problem except that people are stupid and drive like they have no brain. After that, we were headed south and ran into more road work (read traffic jams) through the town of Moore, OK.

Now normally this wouldn't have been such a big deal but like I said...the night was all about making Doc's dream come true and there seemed to be road blocks popping up everywhere.

We made it to our hotel, checked in really quick, threw our luggage in our room and headed off to the Oklahoma University campus. Fortunately, we had some real time advice on where to park via facebook (thanks Jennifer)! We didn't have time to eat, so we had to settle for a pizza at the stadium. After literally fighting our way through the crowds, we found our seats in Section 28!

We settled in to listen to the opening act...The Black Eyed Peas. My apology to Fergie for the bad picture. She really is pretty!

After the Peas got the crowd warmed up, we all waited for the stage change and the main attraction!

The stage set up was awesome. It was a 360 degree stage set in the middle of the football field! As Bono said, they were going for "intimacy on on grand scale" with the design!

People were very excited and waited breathlessly for U2 to appear!

Finally...the screen lit up and then the stadium went dark as the show began!

They put on a great show, probably one of the best live concert experiences you can possible have! They are just as awesome, if not better, live!

This is the face of one HAPPY man! How could he not be with Bono singing right in front of him!

One of the things I like most about U2 is that they seem to be one of the few bands that really take their fame as a responsibility. They understand that with the blessings come opportunity to inform people and inspire change. They preach it in their music and they live it with their lives.

They try to bring awareness to injustices around the world. This screen showed a photo of Aung San Suu Kyi who was elected Burma's leader in 1990. She was placed on house arrest and kept from taking power. She has been detained most of the time since 1990.

We had the most awesome time ever. It was one of the few experiences where the actual experience is even better than the anticipation and expectation!


Kim said...

Looked like FUN, I am sure it was incredible...and incredible to feel like a couple for a few hours. :-) Glad doc got his wish fulfilled!

Unknown said...

What a great chapter in your "story"!

licky said...

well done.


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