Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Enjoying Fall Family Moments

Last month we raked and played in the "North Yard" (which is a phrase that must be uttered with a fancy southern accent) on a beautiful fall afternoon. Everyone who was anyone was there. Bub in all his "safety first" gear, Buzz Lightyear, the very fashionable Lou Lou, and little Ladybug!

Doc gave the kids underdog pushes, free of charge, on the tire swing.

SG was brave and swung higher than ever before! Can't you just see the delight on his face?!

Ladybug got miffed that Daddy wasn't paying attention to her. So she came to me to complain because it is a well known fact that Mommies can fix anything and make Daddies do the right thing.

I called out to Daddy and he came running in to save his princess from despair!

She already knows that she has Daddy wrapped around her little finger.

She was Daddy's girl until he decided it might be fun to let Ladybug "jump" into the leaves.

He did not quite get the response he was expecting. "What? You don't like the leaves, Ladybug?" Apparently he had forgotten rule number one in Ladybug's world "NO ICKY." Leaves equal ICKY on her clothes!

Mommy got to save the day. I brushed all the leaves off and gave her a squeeze and smooch. I am definitely enjoying this phase. I know from experience that the chubby little baby running to me will, all too, soon stretch up and become a long legged young lady. I'm relishing this phase with my last baby!


Christina Zimmerman said...

Something about saying it with a southern accent..throws back time..crazy how that is. Ladybug will love the blogs about her when she gets older..:)

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

This blog made me teary. It is all passing too fast. My stars I love these little blessings.

Great pics of Doc pushing the kiddos on the swing. Those are fantastic.

Grammy said...

I love it! Someday these blogs will bring back all kinds of wonderful memories for the kids. Good stuff. Go Mommy Blogger!!