Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Am In Auntie Heaven

As most of you know, my sister, Rockstar, just had a gorgeous baby girl in December. Last night, we got to welcome another brand new addition to the family. EJ and Farm Chick are in the process of adopting a precious baby boy. He came home from the hospital on Sunday and his adoption will be finalized in about a month.

I call them "Money Penny" and "Q". If you are a Bond fan, you know the references.

They are both precious, perfect additions to our family and now you know why I'm in Auntie Heaven! Love. I'm just in love and I don't care who knows it. Seriously.

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Kim said...

WHAT!?! Wait a minute.....2 NEW BABIES! Too bad your new little guy didn't get here in time for super-hero photo....did they order him a shirt, too? I need to see that! :-) You and your now HUGE family be blessed, Auntie DW.