Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One More Use for Duct Tape

Ask any man about duct and you'll hear something about how it can fix anything.

I am now a believer.
It started with a little trouble maker we call Ladybug. She started taking her pants off when she woke up in the morning and then if we didn't hear that she was awake and get her out of bed fast enough...everything else came off, too.

After some trial and error, we discovered that two pieces of duct tape, strategically placed could stop her derobing. Now it is just a part of her before bed routine.

The duct tape is her friend. She asks to play with the "tape."

She gets very upset when I take the tape away and actually USE the tape.

I tell her, "Ladybug, let me use the tape and then I'll let you hold it."

I have to give her a piece to play with appease her.

This is the fully duct taped Ladybug, ready for bed.

The only way that I can get her to forget about the tape is to trade her for her "bear" (Yes, I am fully aware it is really a lamb but I cannot convince Ladybug that it is anything BUT a bear! So "bear" it is.)

She may also require her "bankie" for a fair trade. That duct tape is worth a lot, you know.

Once the trades have been completed and all parties are satisfied, she can finally be tucked in!

We really should write the makers of duct tape a thank you note. Seriously. It has saved us the trauma and drama of cleaning up further unsightly (and majorly stinky) diapie messes! It really can fix anything!


erin said...

I tagged you on my blog! Check out the January 12th entry.

Grammy said...

Oh my! That is one of the most hilarious posts you've done...if the makers of duct tape see this they might have to do a commercial!

Christina Zimmerman said...

you are sooo FUNNY! I love this post. :) It even made Zach smile. :)