Monday, February 22, 2010

Tough Firemen

We took a family outing to the Home Show in the big city. The highlight for the kids was the display by the Wichita Fire Department. The kids got to climb all over the fire truck, hang out with the heroes themselves and best of all, dress up like a fireman.

The guys had their gear set out and helped the kids get all decked out.

Bub was first.

The fireman had to shorten the suspenders just a bit!

Then it was SG's turn.

He put hoods on them and then told Lou to hold SG so he didn't fall over. The boots were up to his upper thighs!

SG watched intently as the fireman told them all about why he wears each piece of clothing.

Then it was his turn to get decked out.

When they were all dressed, he told them to make their best.....

tough fire fighter face.

Their faces made one REAL tough fire fighter crack up!

The boys were thrilled and we were really impressed with how kind and patient the guys were, explaining everything to our kids! Thanks to the Wichita Fire Department! You guys did a great job (especially our special teacher featured in these photos! I wish I had paid attention to your name! You rock!)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

As If Candy Isn't Sweet Enough

A while back, I was making cinnamon rolls and I got to the part where you sprinkle sugar on the dough. I went to the cabinet, got out my sugar container and got ready to make some tasty rolls.

At first I thought I had a real problem with bad sugar.

Then I realized there was a bad problem...but not with the sugar.

The problem was that a naughty little Bub can't get enough sweets.

Apparently the candy wasn't sweet enough on its own. The kid has a killer sweet tooth. We may have to check him into rehab.

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Real Life Mystery

Lou Lou loves reading Nancy Drew, so you can imagine her excitement when we discovered we had a real life mystery on our hands. I was putting some stuff away in Bub's closet and noticed a little box in the corner. I had been in that closet several times and had never noticed it!

It looked like a jewelry box. I opened it to find this inside...

A little wedding ring. And I mean little. Here it is compared to mine which is a size 6, so you can see that it was meant for someone with tiny hands!

Here it is on little Lou's hand. What fun to try on a real life wedding ring that almost fits you when you are 8!

So here's the mystery. Where did the ring come from? Why was it left in the closet. And who was Marsha? And why isn't the ring still gracing her tiny finger?

Grammy came up with a wonderful theory! She guessed that the ring was someone's first ring and she "upgraded" to a bigger diamond. She probably put the ring back in its original box,taped the top to the bottom, wrote "Marsha" on it and put it aside for this Marsha person. Somewhere along the line, it was forgotten.

I think it sounds like a great story!

The box appears to be from the 70's. It is similar to Grammy's wedding ring box that was purchased in the 70's, too. If I'm able to locate its owner I'll be sure to let you know!