Saturday, February 20, 2010

As If Candy Isn't Sweet Enough

A while back, I was making cinnamon rolls and I got to the part where you sprinkle sugar on the dough. I went to the cabinet, got out my sugar container and got ready to make some tasty rolls.

At first I thought I had a real problem with bad sugar.

Then I realized there was a bad problem...but not with the sugar.

The problem was that a naughty little Bub can't get enough sweets.

Apparently the candy wasn't sweet enough on its own. The kid has a killer sweet tooth. We may have to check him into rehab.


Kim said...

That child leaves "surprises" for you everywhere. My kids do the same kind of stuff, but they don't have NEAR the initiative or energy as Bub. ;-)You are one lady who is definately EARNING the jewels in her crown. lol. I love your sneaky kid posts.

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

I love my nephew!!! :) Hee Hee.

Grammy said...

Maybe all that sugar will just add to Bub's sweetness?? Poor guy doesn't have a chance with his sweet tooth genes!!