Saturday, May 8, 2010

The New Normal

You know when you have a major life change, like going to college, getting married or having a baby, there is a period of time when you miss the old life and are not quite comfortable in the new one. Then after a period of time you get settled in and reach what Birdie and I call "the new normal." It's that time when you realize that this is it. This is how things will be.

I think I've finally come to grips with the new normal.

We sold our old house. The timing could not have been any better. We closed 2 or 3 weeks after moving in here. So all that is behind us.

This house is starting to feel like home. My kids are playing frequently with the kids across the street. They are even getting bored (a sure sign that the newness is wearing off.) Doc mows the lawn and takes out the garbage. I have cleaned the bathrooms enough times that I'm starting to lose count. You know...we are doing normal things.

The best part of the new normal is when you realize, "Hey, this new life is going to be alright." I've been having more and more of those moments. I felt that way when we stopped by my sister-in-law's house on the way home from running errands, on a weeknight, and watched the kids play in the yard while sitting on the patio visiting. I feel that way every time I walk into a Target store...there are benefits to living in a bigger city (or at least in the country by the bigger city.) I felt that way when Doc laid his head on the pillow last night and said, "I love this place." And I'm sure I will feel that way when my in laws all come over for a Mother's Day celebration we will be hosting on Sunday.

I love those moments. They let me know I can breathe again.

Yesterday, I had a group of girls over (the bridesmaids from my sister's wedding) to make cupcakes for her shower. Grammy and Nana were also here and as I looked around in the chaos of the 10 children, (thanks PhoJo for being on kid duty) smelled the yummy aromas in the oven, saw beautiful pink cupcakes all lined up, and watched Lou Lou sprinkle sparkly sugar on the top, I felt thankful. Thankful that I now have a big open kitchen and living area to accommodate all these special people and a location close enough to be a meeting place and thought to myself, as Grammy often says,"This is good stuff."

I think I'm going to like it here.


Kim said...

SO happy to see a new post! Sounds like the transition is going VERY well.

Wishing you MANY more kitchen-filled moments with family and new friends.

And MANY more nights of knowing you are resting your head in the place you are suppose to be.

You and your precious family deserve every good thing. ;-)

Grammy said...

I'm happy for you and blessed knowing that you are getting settled in. Moving is hard - especially on moms...I remember many moves for our family when after I made sure everyone else was okay, I fell apart. :-) You are solid and sound of spirit, my daughter.

Your new home is fabulous and "the new normal" is "good stuff."

I love you.

Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys that the new place is feeling comfortable, especially after such a long and frustrating wait. We really miss you and cannot wait to get caught up and hang out together in MO! And can't wait to see the new house someday!