Monday, June 21, 2010

Butterfly Palace: The Bad Part

Dear Butterfly Palace,
Taking into consideration the fact that it cost us sixty dollars to walk amongst your butterflies, I sincerely wish that you had put a disclaimer on your 3D movie that warns parents that the sweet little butterfly in the movie will be eaten at the end by the praying mantis. That knowledge could have helped me make a better choice for my 3 year old. Then, maybe, I could have avoided having to explain the fact that the praying mantis apparently does not enjoy eating the wings of the butterfly for lunch, only the body.

The Unconventional Doctor's Wife

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lake Adventures

Doc is in heaven! We have finally reached the point where our kids are old enough to get on a boat and do fun lake things without their mother being a wild eyed crazy protective nut.

This week we are spending time with our friends from Indiana! We rented a house in Branson and have been hanging out and enjoying the heck out of each other! Wednesday we rented a pontoon boat and of course took Doc's fish and ski boat and spent the day on the lake!

We had a blast swimming in the lake! Tablerock is such a nice clear lake that it doesn't freak me out so much to swim where I can see my feet! SG braved the water and actually swam around without holding on to anyone!

Even Ladybug braved the water and came swimming!

Pretty soon everyone was tired and ready to load back on the boat for a snack!

The little ones enjoyed riding on the pontoon boat and...

feeling the wind blow through their hair!

The bigger kids were out for adventure so they took turns testing out their mad tube riding skills!

They didn't mind when it wasn't their turn because they got to ride on the "fast boat"! Check out those speed demons on the front deck!

The kids had a blast and made good use of the hand signals (with the thumbs UP being the most frequently spotted...meaning GO FASTER!!!)

They would wave to their adoring fans as they sped past other boats!

In the afternoon, after a LONG while tubing, they started to get a little tuckered out!

They dropped like flies and took great naps on the pontoon boat under the shade!

Little did we know that we had an adventure waiting on us...

You see, there was this 40% chance of showers that actually ended up producing storms while we were on the lake! At first we thought we'd just see them go by...

but we quickly realized that we were going to experience them up close and personal.

We ended up at a marina (the What's Up Dock) where they were gracious enough to let our whole brood wait out the storm and have story time with Aunt Laura in the beer and oil section of the store! Lest you be judgmental of the half naked bud light ad in the background, I can truly say we were thankful for the shelter!

The guys spent the time looking out the window, pacing and checking the weather radar.

We ended up finding a window and quickly loading the boats and taking off towards the other end of the lake where our cars and house were! This is the last photo I have but let me tell you, the adventure was just getting started. I put my camera in a plastic bag so that it wouldn't get ruined!

We put the kids on the pontoon and Doc and Greg loaded up into the fish and ski and we took off. About 5 minutes out, Doc flagged us down and changed the plan. We loaded the three moms and all 9 kids up on the fish and ski and put the other two guys on the pontoon so that we could go faster. Doc sped across the lake as fast as that boat would go. We had pelting rain and scary clouds and kind of scared but VERY brave kids! We made it to the dock, unloaded the kids and loaded them up in the car and got them home and warm! I think it will be a story that will be told over and over again in summers to come!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vegas Synopsis

I realize that I never delivered on my promise to blog in Vegas (Thanks, to my cousin Carrie, for pointing that out)! So I thought I'd catch everyone up with the highlights! We stayed in the Palazzo which is the same hotel we stayed in the last time. Maybe that is boring but I'm the type of gal that finds something that works and sticks with it. Plus, I knew that there was an awesome spa there, too!

A little side note here...I found my calling. My dream career, if you will. So what if that means I would work at an airport. It would be worth it to work here...

We got to the hotel and checked in for a little relaxation. It is always cool to see the new sights of a new town. New faces, new places, that kind of thing!

Vegas is the ultimate in seeing unique sights! For example...Cher was playing at Caesar's. We had an up close look at some of her costumes. I think it would be really weird to have people stop to look at and take pictures of your clothes.

Then again...I think it would be really weird to have these babies hanging in your closet!

We stopped to drool over this... a real life guitar from the Joshua Tree tour signed by all the members of U2. Doc told me if we happened to win five grand, we were coming back to buy this baby! Needless to is still in the store.

On the airplane ride, we watched a travel channel show on Vegas and they talked about the neon signs that they refurbished. We headed downtown to Freemont Street to check them out and see the new sites. We've never made it down there out of all the times we've been to Vegas!

We discovered some other interesting sights down there, too! For example...this dude who sculpts a bust of someone out of clay, on the spot! And really, who wouldn't want a bust of themselves if they looked like this guy with the flowing, long hair!

Also, I think Vegas is the only place that you would run across a showgirl posing with 2 brides while the two grooms take their photos.

And I saved the best for last. I've never seen anyone with toes so long. If only he had an opposable big toe....

So, there you go...the highlights from our trip! Or at least all the weird stuff. Hope you enjoyed!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Even after my Ralph Lauren post, I've still felt a little lost on the decorating front. I love the look of the rooms in that post, but it feels a little too wintry and heavy right now.

So I decided to randomly pick pictures that spoke to me. I mainly found them on the Country Living website because it is my FAVORITE magazine! I did collages because I wanted to see the big picture of all the images together. When I looked at the photos together, I realized that I love a neutral color palate with pops of red and yellow!