Friday, July 30, 2010

Ladybug's Singing Debut

This video makes me laugh every time that I see it. The singing is funny but watch her reaction to the bird that flies by when she's singing. It's so funny!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fruit Loop Color Fun

Last week I did an activity with the kids to teach them about colors. All you need is a box of fruit loops and some string cut long enough to tie into a necklace. Bub and Lou were old enough to "get" the color thing but the it was also good for the little ones' fine motor skills to try to string the cereal on the string and everyone had a great time snacking.

(This would be a great place to add an extra activity. You could prepare 3 glasses of water in clear cups. Mix drops of primary color food coloring to make the secondary colors appear in the glasses. Or do the same with white frosting. Or mix primary colors of paint to make secondary colors on a piece of paper. Any of these ideas would serve to reinforce the idea of mixing primary colors to create secondary colors.)

Happy learning, crafting and eating!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I was in a hurry. (Imagine that!) Trying to get the kids to bed for a nap so that I could do other things. I flung open the refrigerator door, grabbed Ladybug's medicine and started shaking it up so that I could give her a dose. The lid came off with the first shake but of course I didn't realize it until I shook it a couple more times.

I ended up with it all over myself and the kitchen. I was aggravated to say the least. And sticky. Really sticky. I immediately started in on the kids..."Who messed with Ladybug's medicine? Was someone playing with it?"

Then I realized how dumb that was...the medicine was on the top shelf, with a child safety lid. I was the only one who had handled it. So, I looked at my kids, shook my head and said, "I don't think I got the lid back on right the last time I gave it to her. I guess sometimes even Mommies make mistakes, huh?!" The kids, wide eyed nodded their heads, not sure if they should laugh at the sight of me or stay the heck out of my way. Lou handed me paper towels as I stood there with the pink medicine streaming down my legs and soaking into my socks. I thought about how I shouldn't be so quick to get fired up at them. Lesson learned (again). Everyone makes mistakes...even their "perfect" mother.

Chitty Chat and an Art Project

Sooo... I've been trying to be a busy bee. I finished my pillows (which make me smile whenever I see them)! And I caught another mouse. And I've been doing lots of laundry since I cleaned out the laundry room and actually WANT to be in there!

This morning was a nice cool morning and we took the time to have breakfast on the deck! Why is eating outside so fun?! The kids went nuts when I told them we'd eat out there! That reminds me of another project, we have these sad, empty planters outside on the deck and they are in desperate need of some flowers or something. Better put that on the list.

For you Mamas out there with a little bit older kids, I wanted to share an art project which I first saw on here, on Meg's site but she got it originally from here, on the Frugal Family Fun Blog.

You need watercolor paints and brushes.

You also need paper that will stand up to watercolors and a plastic cup and a sharpie.

The prep is kind of fun. I took my sharpie and cup and made intersecting circles on the papers. Some of the pages had circles that I very carefully placed and some had completely random circles. Whatever makes you happy. (The girls that did this project above used black paint and cups to make a sort of stamped circle effect. I didn't want to wait for that to dry!) When you have your paper with circles all over it, have the kids start painting the sections different colors.

Lou loved the challenge of selecting just the right colors.

Here is her's mid-project...

Here's Bub's mid-project...

As you can see, each kid was at a very different level of painting skill! But they all turned out so cool in their own way!

Even Ladybug did her project!

Lou asked why little kid's watercolors always turn out black! I cracked up! (It's the same reason they always have holes in them!)

If you have the luxury of leaving out the supplies, the kids will come and go and work on it whenever they get bored. Lou and Bub worked off and on for a couple of days!

I loved how this project turned out so much that I'm going to do a large canvas version for Lou's room with her colors.

I've been trying to have activities for the kids to relieve some of the summer time "Mom, I'm bored." complaints. It's a little hard to find things that will entertain an almost 9 year old down to a 2 year old. But we've had fun so far! Tune in this week for another project!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Times in the Big City

Now that we live closer to the Big City, we try to take advantage of the fun kid stuff available there! We called up the cousins and invited them to meet us at Old Town to play in the fountains! The cowboys, Farm Chick and Pretty Princess met us there!

I managed to get one group photo (minus Q who was in his stroller)....

before the lure of the fountains became to strong...

to resist any longer!

It was HOT!!!! I don't blame them for wanting to cool off!

We brought the sponge balls that we made last summer! Click here for directions!

They became weapons in a war!

We brought a cooler full of Gatorade to keep them hydrated!

Bub made time to entertain Q! He loves his baby cousin! And Q loves him too, smiling and cooing at him!

We also brought bubbles which Ladybug promptly spilled all over the sidewalk creating a REALLY slippery spot. So if you were walking through a puddle by the fountains that day and slipped, I'm really sorry.

I had to put this photo in because it makes me laugh! I don't know what he was doing but the expression on his face is priceless!

We were all starving and decided to head here for lunch!

There was a bit of a wait, so we hung out together until a table was ready!

The kids were really good, coloring and entertaining each other until our food came. This is Bub's roller coaster! Pretty good, huh!

We had such a great time together! It is so wonderful to be able close enough for impromptu play dates!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Organize Shmorganize

Don't you love an organized space? One that has everything in its place?

There is only one problem. To make one space clean and tidy...

It must first vomit its contents all over the adjoining areas...

And that totally defeats the purpose.

I'm going to attempt to tackle the mess. You may need to send help. And coffee. And maybe a Heath Bar.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Things on my mind...
1. I caught 2 mice in the last 24 hours. I wonder how many are in a litter(?) because they were both the same size and little. I wonder how many more are scampering around in the basement. Eww. The timing is ironic because we just got two kittens who will be outdoor kitties which we acquired hoping to control the vermin around here. Unfortunately they aren't big enough to do anything about the mouse situation, yet.*

*I googled "how many mice in a litter" and the answer is not good. 8-12. Mice. In my house. Probably. I need more traps.

2. One of the mice was in Lou's room stuck on a spider trap. I'm going to buy some more today at Lowe's. They apparently catch more than spiders.

3. It took me 4 hours to clean out and re-think the laundry room. I actually WANT to be in there now, so I guess it was time well spent. The laundry has really been backing up lately.

I think it is time for new photos!

4. I'm going to run a 10 mile race November 20th with Rockstar, Pop and some other family members who are crazy enough to join us. That being said, I think I better cut back on the calories. Mama likes to eat. Last year we ran the 2 mile. You can read about that fun, here.

5. There used to be wild flowers growing along the back tree line. Doc never mowed them because he new I liked them. They were yellow. Were. The landscaper who is saving our lawn from becoming a river every time it rains had to cut them down yesterday. I'm sad. It was like having fresh flowers from my hubby everyday when I looked out the window. But maybe we won't be able to tube through the yard next time it rains.

6. Speaking of tubing, we are going to the lake this weekend for a family get together. It should be fun, but I'm not much of a fan of 100 degree heat.

7. Cleaning out one section of the house inevitably leads to another. I have also cleaned out the pantry and have started on the storage room. The storage room is going to take a while.

8. The kids are crazy today and Doc is going on a pre-family gathering fishing trip tonight with my brother in law. May be a long day. How early is too early for bedtime?

9. I LOVE the photos that Rockstar took of our family. I put my favorite one in the laundry room to help me remember that when I am folding clothes and doing other chores, it speaks love to my honey and my babies.

10. My sister in law is awesome. I did some computer work for her and she cleaned my house. She loves to clean and organize. I love her to clean and organize. It works out well.

11. Today I am going to finish my pillows that were inspired by this post. I love them and they feel like I want my house to feel. Comfortable, cozy and cheery! The quilt is the front and the denim is the back! I got the quilt top at an antique store already put together. I love it when the hard work is done for you!

12. Farm Chick and EJ are leaving for take two of their cruise today. The first one was canceled while they waited at the airport. You can read that story here. Have fun, you two!!