Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chitty Chat and an Art Project

Sooo... I've been trying to be a busy bee. I finished my pillows (which make me smile whenever I see them)! And I caught another mouse. And I've been doing lots of laundry since I cleaned out the laundry room and actually WANT to be in there!

This morning was a nice cool morning and we took the time to have breakfast on the deck! Why is eating outside so fun?! The kids went nuts when I told them we'd eat out there! That reminds me of another project, we have these sad, empty planters outside on the deck and they are in desperate need of some flowers or something. Better put that on the list.

For you Mamas out there with a little bit older kids, I wanted to share an art project which I first saw on here, on Meg's site but she got it originally from here, on the Frugal Family Fun Blog.

You need watercolor paints and brushes.

You also need paper that will stand up to watercolors and a plastic cup and a sharpie.

The prep is kind of fun. I took my sharpie and cup and made intersecting circles on the papers. Some of the pages had circles that I very carefully placed and some had completely random circles. Whatever makes you happy. (The girls that did this project above used black paint and cups to make a sort of stamped circle effect. I didn't want to wait for that to dry!) When you have your paper with circles all over it, have the kids start painting the sections different colors.

Lou loved the challenge of selecting just the right colors.

Here is her's mid-project...

Here's Bub's mid-project...

As you can see, each kid was at a very different level of painting skill! But they all turned out so cool in their own way!

Even Ladybug did her project!

Lou asked why little kid's watercolors always turn out black! I cracked up! (It's the same reason they always have holes in them!)

If you have the luxury of leaving out the supplies, the kids will come and go and work on it whenever they get bored. Lou and Bub worked off and on for a couple of days!

I loved how this project turned out so much that I'm going to do a large canvas version for Lou's room with her colors.

I've been trying to have activities for the kids to relieve some of the summer time "Mom, I'm bored." complaints. It's a little hard to find things that will entertain an almost 9 year old down to a 2 year old. But we've had fun so far! Tune in this week for another project!


Christina Zimmerman said...

Ooh cute idea! My kids will love this. :) Thanks!!!! :)

Kim said...

This is the kind of thing I would like doing and be stressed because the kids weren't staying in the lines. ;-) Beautiful project to canvas for Lou.

Unknown said...

And look how you thought to dress them in swimsuits first! So stinkin' smart you are :)

Grammy said...

Great idea! It is so funny to see the kids' different versions. I'm also glad you had breakfast on the deck...I'm nominating you for the koolaid mom of the month (minus all the sugar and artificial stuff...wait...that might just make you the "water mom of the month"). Anyway...great project and great pics...and great narrative. I guess moms never get tired of seeing their own kids' work and I'm no exception. :-)

Mrs. Dawkter said...

Just wanted to say "hi" - I'm a new follower and wife of a surgical intern ;)