Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lou's Room Tour and Projects To Finish

Lou is getting to be a big girl these days. She will be 9 next week! So her new room needed to reflect that change. She has her own opinions and turns out, pretty good taste! This is the widest shot of her room I could get. I put the art piece in the shot so you could see how it jives with the stuff that was already in there.

She needed a bookshelf and I couldn't find a decent one for under 100 dollars, so I had this idea to spray paint a set of garage shelves that Doc didn't want anymore. I got out the leftover silver spray paint from her headboard/footboard redo and went to town on the ugly black metal.

I found the globe at the Goodwill and couldn't resist the vintage cuteness! It even has the name "Miller" engraved on the base. I think it must have been a classroom globe. She also has her books and horses on the shelf.

We had a little couch in the reading area of the 3rd floor at our old house. I (with Grammy's help) sewed a slipcover for it! Lou loves curling up on the couch and reading Nancy Drew!

Here is the circle art in its home!

The toy box is project one. Doc made it for Lou when she was tiny and I painted it and stenciled the butterflies. We're going to paint it out the same blue as the wall.

But it was important to Lou that the butterflies stay, so I guess I will leave that little border.

Project number two is this little side table. It is getting a fresh coat of white paint.

Project area three is the desk area. I bought some white floating shelves for the wall and I'm going to try to find a mini chandelier to hang.

She'll be glad to get the shelves up so that she can put her really important things up like these things...

and some photos of her friends in some purple frames I got her at Target! It is coming together! It seems like the projects never end in a new house, but I'm glad that we are making progress!


Kim said...

Lots of fun! Looks like a great big-girl space! :-) I love projects like this....I need to get motivated on my own kids spaces before I am having to redecorate for "big" kids. :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the silver bits in this room.