Monday, August 9, 2010

Story Telling Blocks

We are going on vacation to Colorado next week and in anticipation of the LLOOOOONNNGGG drive, I have been trying to come up with fun activities for the kids to do in the car. I came across this post and decided to make my own. (PLEASE don't compare her's to mine. I didn't want to spend days on this, so I did my best to draw pictures that my children would at least recognize. I did not go for artistic points!)

The other easy way to make these is to cut out pictures from magazines and decoupage them on the blocks. (Family Fun is a good magazine to try!)

I'm going to toss them in a couple little bags and we'll be ready to play!

It is a really easy game... you pull a block out of a bag, roll the cube and begin a story that includes the subject that landed face up. Stick the block back in the bag and pass it to the next person who does the same thing only adds onto the story that was already begun by the first storyteller.

The story possibilities should be as endless as your child's imagination! Not only that, it is super inexpensive. The 1" blocks came in a package of 13 at Michael's and it only cost $2.99!


Janet said...

This is a great idea Nikki. These could also be used for a writing project in your home school. The children could use the blocks and write one sentence (depending on age) or a complete short story. Cute idea!!!

Holly said...

Very cute! And I love the idea in the previous comment to use them for writing as well.