Friday, April 29, 2011

Random Thoughts

1. My "baby" is now 3 and is doing all sorts of big girl stuff! She started taking a dance class and I've never seen her happier than when she is with Ms. Elizabeth doing twirls, spins and leaps across the dance floor. She is also potty trained and I have officially ended my NINE AND A HALF years straight of changing diapers. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. Except now I don't have any babies, which is kind of weird.

2. When I met Birdie, her oldest daughter, Mermaid, was Lou's age now. Mermaid is now driving, going to college, and working. She is having her graduation reception this weekend. I'm wondering how that is possible and thinking that I will turn around and Lou will be a full grown, beautiful WOMAN just like Mermaid. Congratulation to you, Mermaid. I'm so proud of you!

3. My Bub is 8.5 days away from finishing his Kindergarten year. My how time flies. (See numbers 1 and 2).

4. On a totally different note, I am feeling a intense urge to create. To make things. Now this is unusual for me because most of my adult life I have been busy creating babies or taking care of recently created babies, so that kind of took the place of crafting. Sure, I've made some things here and there but mostly because I needed or wanted something that I couldn't find in a store like I pictured in my head.

5. My intense urge to create is being fueled daily by PINTEREST. A dangerous little website that can suck away hours at a time but is oh. so. awesome. If you hate buying magazines for one idea and pitching the rest, this is for you. LOVE IT!!!

6. Doc and I and my parents are going to see James Taylor in concert this weekend. I think he is pretty awesome. I'm pretty stoked!

7. I have the music taste of a 45 to 55 year old man. Willie Nelson, Jimmy Buffet, The Eagles, James Taylor, Billy Joel, on and on I could go. I blame my Dad. He gladly takes the credit... especially since I asked him to go with me to see Willie a month or two ago.

Doc told me to buy tickets and go, if it would make me happy, but he had two stipulations...1. He wasn't going and 2. I couldn't buy a t-shirt. (To see his "lovely bride" in a Willie Nelson t-shirt would be more than he could take.)

Dad and I had a FABULOUS time. Willie is awesome.

8. I love Friday nights. I hope you all have a great weekend!


rockstar said...

I love all of your random thoughts! I was just thinking about how fast your baby has grown! Three? And potty trained?? Blows my mind!! And as for your need to create... please help me create a very cute home soon! Love you!!!

Farm Chick (at Heart) said...

I'm with Rock Star. Your need to create comes at a very good time for me. Now you must decorate my house. That is all. :)

Debbie said...

Oh my... the link to Pinterest may not have been a good thing for me. :) I never liked country until I married my husband. Surprisingly, Willie Nelson is one of my favorites. The concert sounds like a fun time!

Unknown said...

We need to get together and brainstorm...get messy...experiment...spend way too much time on that one pivital detail to turn out absolutely fabulous original home decor pieces :)))))))

Spack Jarrow said...

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