Friday, September 16, 2011

Recent Motherhood Moments

Moment 1:
Bub:"Mom, you need to homeschool me next year...or at least before 3rd grade."
Me:"Umm, why do you say that?"
Bub: "From 3rd grade up, you have to wear a belt with your uniform."
Me:"So you would give up all your time with your school friends because you have to wear a belt?"
Bub: "Yes. You know I hate wearing belts, Mom!"
(I do not have any idea where his relatively new aversion to belts came from. I've never even made him wear one before. Perhaps fear of the unknown?)

Moment 2:
(Taking the two littles into Bub's school to bring clothes for him to wear besides his uniform because I forgot it was picture day...duh.)
Me:(running my fingers through the tangle in Ladybug's hair)
LB: "Mom, I got a MOLE."
Me: "You have a mole?"
LB: "Yeah...right in my hair."
Me: "OOOhhhh, you mean you have a rat in your hair?"
LB: "Yeah, a rat."

Moment 3:
Lou, SG and LB went with me to Target. SG and LB tried to talk me into bubble bath which turned out to be body wash. I told them no and to put it back on the shelf which, in turn, caused a HUGE melt down in LB's world. She was WAILING and walking in front of me and Lou when all of the sudden she wailed: "BUT I DON'T HAVE ANY WASH TO WASH MY BOOOOOOODDDDDDYYYYYY!!!!"

That's right Target shoppers...I am a crazy mother who does not allow my child to buy soap to wash her stanky body and by the way, you might as well know, she also has a mole in her hair.