Friday, December 9, 2011

And Baby Makes Three

Today I turn 35. How is that possible? I have been thinking about how blessed my life has been for all those 35 years and I want to say that those blessings began with my parents making the hard choice to become parents at a really young age. I scanned all the photos that exist of my mom and dad when my mom was pregnant with me. All two.  I am so blessed when I look at those photos and so glad that someone took them. I see a young lady on the brink of motherhood but still a kid herself. I see the anticipation of what is to come. I see someone who has no real idea what it is going to take to be a mother and a wife. (As if anyone can really know what to expect!)  But most of all, I see a young woman who stood by her convictions that life is precious and to be treasured even when it comes at an inopportune time.

I see a young man who was honorable in his responsibility and had no idea what blessings would come from doing the right thing by my mom and me. He had no idea how hard marriage and parenthood would be. He had no idea how the future would turn out or the pressure he would feel to provide for a family. But he loved my mom. And he loved me. And he chose to love us forever. There wasn't any question of what he would do in the situation. They got married in July. 

My dad was the quarterback for his high school football team that took state that year. My mom stayed home from the game and listened to it on the radio because she was very pregnant by that time. I was born in December and the high school basketball team for which my dad played, came to visit us in the hospital on the way home from a game. Weird, right? But somehow, I love that part of the story. The way my parents were still kids but also parents. I have always wondered what those guys stood there and thought as they looked at me as a tiny baby and saw my parents for the first time as parents.

The point of all this is to acknowledge that my blessings for these last 35 years began with the faith and the good choices of my parents. It is God who made it possible for them to stay together and love each other even through the hard times. It has been my honor to grow up with a legacy of truthfulness about the beginnings of our family and the knowledge that my parents chose the hard road and it paid off. They didn't have any guarantees, but they had their relationships with God, each other and their stubborn wills to stick it out. They are a testimony to the fact that God can redeem our mistakes and make our lives beautiful if we choose to follow Him. And I just want to say to them...

Thank you, Mom and Dad. You have blessed me and covered me in prayers from the very beginning. You have loved me fiercely and taught me to love God and to love others in the same way. I could never ask for better parents, grandparents to my children and friends. I am so blessed and I thank God for you!!


Kim said...

:-) LOVE your story. Love the way your family has allowed God to show His Love and faithfulness and the way you are blessed because of that. Happy Birthday, Niki!

Grammy said...

Oh, my daughter! (sniff) Thank you for your post today. It is funny that some of the same pictures you used in your blog post came up on facebook today as a tribute from me to you. Your Dad and I were so very blessed to have support all around us through our parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, school officials, teachers, coaches, friends, and some folks we don't even realize.

God has blessed us over and over and the one huge thing that continues to ring true over and over is that "love covers a multitude of sins" (1 Peter 4:8). When we choose to be open about our shortcomings and fall at the feet of Christ for mercy, God does amazing things.

Your Dad and I will forever be grateful that we have you as our daughter and grateful that His faithfulness continues to carry us all.

Lisa said...

What a wonderful story :)

Unknown said...

A wonderfully sweet story.